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Election Results 

Please follow the links below to download the official results from the October 24 municipal and school board election.

(You will need either Microsoft Excel or the Excel Viewer to view this file.)


1. Reg'd Voters

This is the number of eligible voters and is used to determine voter turnout and for elections planning. Figures are taken from the 2011 Saskatchewan Health populations (18+).

2. Total Ballots Cast:

This is the total number of ballots counted by the vote counting machines, and includes ballots which were rejected and therefore not counted (see below).

3. Total Votes Counted:

This is the total number of counted ballots for any given race.

5. Times Blank Voted:

This is the number of ballots in which no candidate was marked for that particular race.

6. Times Over Voted:

This is the number of ballots on which more than one candidate (or more than seven, in the case of the Separate School Board race) was marked.

7. Times Under Voted:

This applies only to the Separate School Board election, and is the difference between the total number of votes that could have been cast (seven per ballot) and the number that actually were cast. For example, if you only voted for five candidates out of the seven, your ballot would add two undervotes to the final tally.


There are no results for Public School Trustees for Wards 3, 5 and 10, as the candidates there (Donna Banks, Collen MacPherson and Ray Morrison) ran unopposed and were acclaimed.



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