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Broadway Theatre 

Located at 715 Broadway Avenue, Broadway Theatre was officially designated heritage property on April 14, 1997, as the theatre turned fifty years of age.

The Broadway Theatre was a brand new entertainment spot for the buoyant era in the post-World War II years. A popular movie of the day, “Shine On Harvest Moon,” marked its opening.

Modern and thrilling like the movies it presented, the Broadway Theatre’s design by the architectural firm of Webster and Gilbert had parabolic seating for good viewing, a ladies’ powder room and a crying room for infants. Outside, its Art Deco design is in keeping with modern times: smooth, rounded features, a curved sign, glass blocks around its show window and an absence of columns, capitals or other ornamentation.

All of these features define Broadway’s beloved theatre that has changed remarkably little since the mid 1940s. It continues to host independent films and numerous live concerts year round, with many special showings to benefit community groups in Saskatoon.

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