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Hutchinson Building 

Located at 144 2nd Avenue South, the Hutchinson Building was officially designated heritage property on August 9, 1999. It represents Saskatoon’s commercial built heritage from a time of large, complete hardware stores for farm and home.

The Hutchinson Building was constructed in 1923 after a dramatic fire destroyed Saskatoon’s largest hardware store, the Saskatoon Hardware Store Ltd. that was on that spot. The announcement of reconstruction was very optimistic for the hardware trade and for a downtown Saskatoon already affected by a post World War I economic downturn.

Designed by Saskatoon architect, Frank P. Martin, and built by R. J. Arrand, this high-end prairie commercial building offered main floor retail space and upper suites in the California style. Rising from the ashes of the largest fire ever on 2nd Avenue, the latest Grinnell Sprinkler System promised to make the building completely fireproof. A plum-colored brick face, Tyndall stone accents, transom lights above the doors and pediments make the building very attractive. If you look to the top of the building, you will see the name of the store owner, J. L. Stanley Hutchinson, written on a triangular pediment. The architect’s name is found near the base of the building.

A central place of hardware retail until 1970, and home of the popular Saskatoon Handicraft Supplies until 1995, the building has since undergone a major historic renovation, with the major features of its façade restored to their previous beauty. The Hutchinson Building continues its tradition of full commercial and residential use.

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