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Little Chief Service Station 

A Spanish Colonial service station in the heart of Riversdale? Located at 344-20th Street West, Little Chief Service Station was officially designated heritage property on February 10, 2003.

This unusual building on the corner of Avenue D and 20th Street is an example of the service station style in use by the Texaco Oil Company of Canada in the 1920s. It takes us back to the days when the service station gave West Side service to a city cut by a central circuit of trainyards. One can well imagine the farm trucks and early cars being regularly serviced there while their owners shopped along 20th Street, visiting Adilman’s or Lehrer’s department stores or stopping for lunch at the Victoria Café.

Its white stucco walls, rounded roof tiles, decorative brick, heavy tiled cornices, roof parapets, iron windows and copper gutters are cheery and inviting. This was a deliberate attempt of the day, to make garages a real part of urban neighborhoods, departing from the previous “gas shed” concept of early service stations.

The name Little Chief Service Station came about in 1943, when the garage changed hands. Today the station has re-emerged in a restored state ready for re-use as the Little Chief Community Station of the Saskatoon Police Service.

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