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Marr Residence 

Located at 326 11th Street East, the Marr Residence was officially designated heritage property on January 11, 1982.

A dignified white home with a sweeping Mansard roof, the Marr Residence is the oldest known building in Saskatoon located on its original site. It is a tangible link to the Temperance Colony, being one of the earliest homes built in 1884, likely from the first barge load of lumber sent down the river. It was built by stonemason, Alexander “Sandy” Marr, and is one of two known surviving examples of his work.

Following the Riel Uprising, the wounded from the Canadian Militia began to arrive in Saskatoon. The Marr Residence, being one of Nutana’s largest homes, was requisitioned by the Forces for a Field Hospital. When the hospital closed in July, 1885, the home was returned to the Marr family. The Marrs left the settlement before the end of the 1880s, but their name remains linked to this dignified residential eyewitness to Saskatoon’s past.

From its blend of Second Empire and pioneer architecture, to its river willow wall lathing, the Marr Residence exudes our past. One of Saskatoon’s key heritage properties, it is the site of interpretive programming, and has been the focus of two archaeological investigations. A quiet garden welcome to all adjoins the grounds of this historic home.

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