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Neighbourhood Profiles 

Neighbourhood Profiles

Neighborhood Profiles
2011 Census/2012 Estimates

Neighborhood Profiles
2006 Estimates

Neighborhood Profiles
2001 Census

Bound hard copies of the most recent edition are also available for purchase from the Planning and Development Branch, City Hall, third floor.

What are Neighbourhood Profiles?

The Neighbourhood Profiles publication contains a wealth of demographic data for each residential neighbourhood in Saskatoon, such as how many people own houses, average income of residents, park space per resident, ethnic diversity, and political participation. Used by all types of people, from residents to business owners to community organizations, the data in Neighbourhood Profiles can help people plan for the future or just provide a snapshot of a neighbourhood.

Planning and Development has been publishing Neighbourhood Profiles every five years since 1976 - but a lot can change in five years! To address this “time-gap” and publish the Neighbourhood Profiles on a yearly basis, Planning & Development has acquired annual estimates.

New Data Source

What is a Census Count?
Since the 8th edition, most data for the neighbourhood profiles has been gathered from the Federal Census. The Census is the only process that sets out to count and gather information on people. It provides a wealth of information about a population; however, it is a difficult, time consuming, and expensive process to count people. For these reasons, the Census only takes place every five years. The most recent Census was completed in 2011, although data from the entire Census was not completely released until late 2013 at a neighbourhood level. To address this time gap, Planning & Development has acquired data estimates available on a yearly basis.

What is an Estimate?
Since Federal Census data is only available every five years, the Neighbourhood Profiles publication is starting to use estimates provided by a private company called Generation 5 (G5). Estimates work from known data sources to arrive at a number for the current period. G5 provides products and services to a number of Fortune 500 companies and has a team of experts in the fields of mathematics and statistics. The estimates produced by G5 are found in a product called the G5 Super Census. The G5 Super Census includes estimated values for over 1,000 demographic variables found in the Federal Census.

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