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Holmwood Sector (formerly East Sector) 

Sector Plan Resource

Holmwood Sector Plan Report
This report in full colour can be purchased from Planning and Development on the 3rd Floor of City Hall.

Holmwood Sector
Study Area Map 

Holmwood Sector
Land Use Map

Holmwood Sector Plan Frequently Asked Questions


Terry Fusco
Planning & Development Branch
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The Holmwood Sector Plan has three main purposes:

  • This plan enhances the City of Saskatoon's vision in the Official Community Plan to develop a Suburban Development Area;
  • This plan establishes a layout for the preparation of future Neighbourhood Concept Plans to ensure growth proceeds in a balanced, compact, contiguous manner; and
  • This plan identifies key land uses and servicing components that will need to be addressed in detail during the Neighbourhood Concept Plan process.

Sector Plans provide a broad framework for future urban development and include the location and size of future neighbourhoods, employment areas, parks, and significant natural areas. City services are planned, new neighbourhood concept plans are developed, land use designations and rezoning applications are evaluated, and amendments to the City boundary are based on the framework provided by Sector Plans.

The Sector Plan is a preliminary planning study and is future oriented.  No specific timeframe for development is applied to the Holmwood Sector Plan.

On August 1, 2010, the City of Saskatoon boundary was altered to include an additional 2,833 ha (7000 ac) on the edge of the city to accommodate the growth of the Holmwood Suburban Development Area. 

The Holmwood Sector study area includes the lands that make up the Holmwood Suburban Development Area plus additional lands east of the City limits (within the RM of Corman Park) adjacent to the Perimeter Highway alignment.  The Holmwood Sector is located east of Rosewood, Briarwood, College Park East, Arbor Creek, Willowgrove, Evergreen, and the Canadian Pacific Railway's Right of Way; south of Agra (Fleury) Road; west and north of the Perimeter Highway. (Click here to see the Holmwood Sector Plan Land Use Map)

The Holmwood Sector has land sufficient for five neighbourhood development areas, a suburban centre, business park, two regional commercial sites and a suburban centre commercial site.  It is estimated 70,000 people could live in this Sector at full build-out.

The Holmwood Sector Plan was approved by Saskatoon City Council on April 16, 2012.

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