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The City of Saskatoon plays an important role in encouraging and facilitating the creation of housing in Saskatoon. While the City does not build housing, it administers a number of programs designed to assist housing providers to increase the supply of affordable and entry-level housing.

The City of Saskatoon’s role and action plan in the housing area is described in detail in the 2013-2022 Housing Business Plan and in the City Council Report. For 2013 housing facts, past initiative summaries and results, refer to the 2013-2022 Housing Business Plan Presentation.

Financial Incentives
The City operates housing programs and incentives to assist developers and homeowners. Please follow the links below for more information.

Incentives for Homebuyers
Incentives for Builders & Housing Providers
Secondary Suites & Boarders

Starting in 2012, the City of Saskatoon Property Tax Deferral Program has been available to help support low-income senior homeowners by providing an option to defer payment of future increases in municipal (City and Library) property tax. The program is available to low-income senior citizens who own a single family home, townhouse, or apartment condominium in Saskatoon.

Renting in Saskatoon
A useful resource for information about housing in Saskatoon is the Housing Handbook. Housing bylaws in Saskatoon and the rights and responsibilities of renters and landlords are explained in the handbook. The handbook includes sections on homeownership and a list of agencies and organizations that operate affordable, transitional, emergeny and seniors' rental housing. The contact information for affordable housing providers in Saskatoon is also available. There are paper copies of the Housing Handbook at City Hall and Saskatoon Public Libraries.    

Housing Information for Newcomers to Canada
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) gives you the tools you need to make your housing decisions and find a safe, affordable home for your family.  CMHC offers information in eight different languages on renting, buying and maintaing your home.

Visit www.cmhc.ca/newcomers for more information.

There is additional information for newcomers about Saskatoon available on the City's website.

What is Affordable and Entry-level Housing?

Affordable Housing
In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) monitors housing affordability. Based on information it collects about the cost of housing, SHC sets household income levels below which families are eligible to apply for Provincial housing programs. These annual household income levels are called Maximum Income Limits (MILs). As of September  2011, the MILs in Saskatoon for Rental Housing are $44,500 for households without dependents and $52,000 for households with dependents. As of October 2014, the MILs for ownership housing are $70,900 for households without dependents and $78,400 for households with dependents. These figures are subject to change periodically.

In Saskatoon, any housing project that provides units to individuals or families with incomes below the MILs is considered affordable. Affordable housing projects must have a process in place to verify incomes to ensure that affordable housing is available to those who truly need it.

Entry-level Housing
Entry-level housing is market housing offered at price points that represent the very lowest end of the market without using subsidies. Individuals and families with combined annual household incomes that range between $52,000 and $80,000 can be considered to be in the entry-level market. Entry-level homes are typically purchased by young families, individuals with new jobs, newcomers who may be just starting out, and anyone else who may not yet able to afford the home of their dreams, but want to take advantage of the benefits of homeownership.

Today, it can be a challenge for people who do not currently own a home to break into the homeownership market. Entry-level homes can provide an opportunity as a relatively low-cost first step in homeownership.

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