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Current Water Main Breaks 

Saskatoon typically experiences one-two water main breaks per day at this time of year.  While this was a high as 15 in one day this winter, we are currently back to normal rates.  This page will be updated during normal business hours Monday - Friday, unless the rate of water main breaks reaches significant occurrences. 

Frozen water connections are also occuring at a higher rate, affecting water service for individual properties (see below for more information).

If you are affected by a water outage and have any questions, or to report a water main break 24/7, please call Customer Service at 306-975-2476 or learn more about Water Main Breaks and Repairs.

Total number of water main breaks since January 1, 2014: 199

Wait time for water main break repairs and return of water service: 1 to 2 days (depending on location)

There is a water main break at the following locations. Water service is currently off for properties at or near:

  • There are currently no outages reported

This list is updated daily and addresses will be removed as they are repaired, which may not be in the order listed.

Last updated: 4:15 pm on Friday April 25, 2014

Learn about the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory that is in effect when the water is turned back on.

More on water main break repairs.

Temporary Water
We empathize with residents and businesses who are going days without running water and we are doing as much as possible to try and provide temporary drinking water.  Water trailers will continue to be provided within 8 hours or when the next trailer becomes available.

Water Trailers are currently parked at the following locations

If the water trailer is empty please call Customer Service 24/7 at 306-975-2476.

We are pleased to be able to offer free admission for residents who are experiencing a water outage due to a water main break or frozen water connection to use the shower facilities at the City Leisure Centre closest to them.  They will require identification or a recent utility bill showing their address, which will be compared to list of homes affected by a water outage.

Be prepared
Every home should have an emergency preparedness plan for any time of the year, not just for water outage.  Residents in areas where water main breaks have occurred in the past few years, including neighbourhoods adjacent to current water main breaks, are encouraged to be prepared by having extra drinking water stored as a precaution. 

It is recommended to have a 72-hour supply of water on hand for drinking and cooking equal to 3.8 litres (one gallon) per person or pet per day.  Find Emergency Home Preparedness Plan information, along with videos and tips on the Saskatoon Fire Department's Emergency Measure Operation's website.

Frozen water connections
Separate from water main breaks home owners are also reporting frozen water connections, where there is a blockage on the water connection from the City’s water main to the private home. If your water does not turn on, it may be an issue with the private portion of your water connection.  If there is an issue on the City portion, we will come out and set up a temporary water connection. If its not possible to set up a temporary water connection we will use specialized equipment to defrost the line from your home.  To help prevent this, we recommend making sure the pipes are well-insulated, including the portion at the outside walls of your home.

We want to thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding.  We will do our best to restore water service within 48 hours of turning it off.

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