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25th Street Extension Project 

The 25th Street Extension is now complete! The roadway opened to traffic on December 10, 2013.

The extension of 25th Street to Idylwyld Drive is a major roadway that will provide access to the central business district and improve traffic flow throughout the downtown area.

Project Information

The first phase of the project, completed in 2006, involved the rehabilitation of 25th Street from Spadina Crescent to 2nd Avenue North, including curb-to-curb reconstruction of the roadway to expand the width; installation of additional left-turn bays; and streetscaping.

The second phase involved rehabilitating 25th Street from 2nd Avenue to 1st Avenue and was completed in 2009.  

The third phase involved the extention of 25th Street from 1st Avenue to Idylwyld Drive.  This phase included the construction of underground services, roadway construction and streetscaping. 


Photo showing construction progress to October 4, 2012.

Plans and Images

Aerial photo showing 25th Street Extension detail.

Questions and Answers

How does the 25th Street Extension benefit commuters?
The extension of 25th Street to Idylwyld Drive is a major roadway that will provide access to the central business district in a more direct way, and improve traffic flow throughout the downtown area.

How will this roadway improve traffic flow throughout the downtown?
With the extension of 25th Street, most east-west roadways will experience a decrease in traffic volumes, most notably 24th Street, 22nd Street and 29th Street. 33rd Street will also experience a reduction in traffic volumes.

Was the project completed on time and according to plans?
The project was completed in phases over a number of years to accommodate drivers and minimize traffic disruptions as much as possible. We expected to open the roadway by fall 2013.

Was the project completed on budget? 
As the project progressed, increases in construction costs were realized and post budget approvals were requested.  Most of the increases were a result of escalation costs from delays in construction due to the complexity of the project and the presence of contaminated soils requiring removal.  In addition, railway upgrade costs were also higher than expected.

Will trains continue to cross Idylwyld Drive at 25th Street when the project is complete?
Yes, however, rail and vehicle conflicts will be minimized with the way 25th Street is now aligned. In order to provide a safe and approved rail crossing, the extension of 25th Street at Idylwyld Drive is south of the existing 25th Street.

How much traffic is expected to use 25th Street East each day
The extension of 25th Street from 1st Avenue to Idylwyld Drive will accommodate 25,000 vehicles per day.

I live in the neighbourhood and I'm concerned about increased traffic. What's being done about that?
Since the extension of 25th Street doesn't align with the existing 25th Street at Idylwyld Drive, direct entry to the existing 25th Street is eliminated, along with traffic shortcutting through the neighbourhood.

A Traffic Management Plan for the Caswell neighbourhood was developed to reduce the impact of the traffic in the area. This includes traffic calming, traffic signal modifications, and a monitoring program to evaluate and address the impacts.

Will transit service change?
Transit Services will not change - buses exiting from and returning to the garage will use existing routes.

When will the new Police Station be completed?
The Saskatoon Police Service Headquarters project is nearing completion. The Police Service is expecting to move into the building in January 2014. 

For more information

If you would like more infomation, please contact Goran Lazic, Traffic Operations Engineer, at 306-975-2896 or goran.lazic@saskatoon.ca


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