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Idylwyld Drive and Circle Drive Study 

Over the past five years there has been a significant increase in traffic and subsequent delays on the Circle Drive corridor between Millar Avenue and Avenue C, especially during peak periods  This is most noticeable at the existing interchange at the intersection of Circle Drive and Idylwyld Drive. With the completion of the Circle Drive South Project in 2012, traffic volumes and turning movements are expected to increase at this intersection.

Idylwyld Drive and Circle Drive Final Report

Idylwyld Drive and Circle Drive Final Report Appendicies

The City of Saskatoon has commissioned Hatch Mott MacDonald to undertake a Functional Planning Study to look at specific traffic operational improvements to the interchange at Circle Drive and Idylwyld Drive, and overall improvements to the Circle Drive corridor between Millar Avenue and Avenue C.

Circle Drive & Idylwyld Drive Interchange

 Circle Dr. Bridge Picture

The Functional Planning Study Includes:

• Review of the existing traffic data for the interchange and Circle Drive corridor (between Millar Avenue and Avenue C).
• Site Inspection.
• Identification, evaluation and analysis of alternative design concepts.
• Evaluation of options for improving the safety and capacity of the current configuration.
• Provisions for cyclists and pedestrian facilities.
• Meetings with stakeholders and a public open house to present the recommended plan to the public and to receive feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of this project?
The project focuses on improvements to accommodate truck turning movements at Idylwyld Drive and Circle Drive, as well as an overall improvement to traffic flow on the Circle Drive corridor between Avenue C and Millar Avenue. The Consultant is required to prepare three design alternatives and a recommended plan.

What are some options for improvement?
Options will be determined based on traffic analysis, structural assessment, and input from stakeholders and the public. Some alternatives for improvements to the existing diamond intersection at Circle Drive and Idylwyld Drive may include:

• Single point interchange
• On/Off ramps with two lanes
• Diverging diamond interchange
• Signal timing and coordination plans
• Designation of additional eastbound and northbound truck routes

How much will the options cost?
Cost estimates will be prepared by the Consultant once options for the improvements are identified.

Will pedestrians and cyclists be accommodated?
Yes, there will be considerations and accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists.

How many pedestrians use the Idylwyld Drive/Circle Drive interchange?
On a typical weekday, we counted:

• 19 pedestrians between 7am and 9am
• 31 pedestrians between 4 pm and 6 pm

Can the traffic congestion in this area be fixed?
The outcome of the study will determine if a permanent fix is feasible. We hope that traffic congestion will be resolved along Circle Drive (between Millar Avenue and Avenue C) while at the same time improving expected truck turning movements at the Idylwyld and Circle Drive Interchange.

How much has traffic increased at the interchange at Circle Drive and Idylwyld Drive, and along the Circle Drive corridor?
Traffic at the interchange has increased approximately 24% from 2004 to 2009. The figure below shows the increase in the Average Daily Traffic count (ADT) along the Circle Drive corridor (between Millar Avenue and Avenue C) from 2004 to 2009.

Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Count
at Circle Drive Intersections Between Millar Avenue and Avenue C

 Circle Drive Traffic Count Chart



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