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Parking Services  

Parking Services provides a coordinated approach to the provision, regulation, enforcement and collection services related to parking in Saskatoon. 

As with many cities in Canada, Saskatoon has parking meters located on city streets in primary shopping and business districts. One purpose of these parking meters is to encourage motorists to move their vehicles within a prescribed time period, allowing for a constant turnover of parking availability.

Parking Meters


Parking meters in Saskatoon need to be paid from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Mondays through Saturdays. Sundays and Statutory Holidays are exempt. Payment amounts, payment options and time credit per coin are displayed on all parking meters. Maximum allowable time limits are displayed on each meter.

All meters in Saskatoon take quarters, dollar or two dollar coins, or the CityCard, which is no longer available for purchase.

The time limits for meters located on Saskatoon streets vary depending on their location, ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, with the majority being 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Map showing maximum metered parking time (PDF)

Vehicles cannot be left on the street in excess of the time posted by signs or  displayed on the meters.  For areas where there are no posted time restrictions, it is a violation to leave a vehicle parked on the street for longer than 36 consecutive hours.  Vehicles left on the street for longer than 36 hours may be issued a ticket and impounded. 

Saskatoon also operates five off-street parking lots which permit parking for periods ranging from 2 hours to 9 hours. Street signage, as well as each individual meter, includes information pertaining to that specific location.

Vehicles or vehicles towing any type of trailer with a length (or combined length) exceeding 6 meters are not permitted to occupy metered parking stalls on the street or in metered city-owned parking lots. It is a violation even if the meters in both occupied stalls have been paid. For more information about

Parking Programs

The Veteran Parking Program requires completion of an application form, and is eligible only to individuals who have served overseas in WWI, WWII, Korea during the Korean War as a member of the Canadian Forces; as a member of an allied force; or in the Merchant Navy, Ferry Command or United Nations Peacekeepers.

Saskatchewan Veteran Plates are only exempted from meter payment for the duration of a “paid” on-street parking meter if the veteran has been approved to participate in the Saskatoon Veteran Parking Program.

For information on the Parking Permit for people with a disability program please call 306-975-2400.

People with valid placards issued by Saskatchewan Abilities Council may park in designated disability parking stalls. The placard does not provide an exemption at city-owned parking meters.

A Residential Parking Permit Program is available for residents in Caswell Hill, City Park and Varsity View. This program aims to provide residents with the ability to park on the street in neighbourhoods where there is high levels of transient parking.

Residential and Other Parking Information 


Private Parking Tickets are issued on private property only when called into do so. Any area within the City of Saskatoon that is not a street, alley or City-owned metered parking lot is private property.  There are no requirements under the bylaw for private property owners to post signs or warnings.
Parking Limits A person shall not park a vehicle on a street for more than 36 hours.
Parking in an Alley Parking in an alley is prohibited
Parking a Vehicle With its Left Side to the Curb It is a violation to pull up to the curb (or opposite side of the street) with the left side of the vehicle except on one-way streets.
Unattached Trailers Unattached trailers are not permitted on streets with two exceptions:
a) Trailers that are included in the bylaw definition of an RV are permitted for a maximum of 36 hours, then must be relocated to private property for a minimum fo 48 hours before they can be returned to the street for a another 36 hours. See the Traffic Bylaw for more details.
b) Contractors on job sites with a valid Right-Of-Way Permit
Transit Bus Stops It is a violation for any vehicle other than a Saskatoon Transit vehicle to stop at a bus stop or park in a bus stop zone.
Over-length Vehicles in a Residential Area Vehicles, or a combination of a vehicle and trailer, in excess of six metres in length may be parked on a residential street for no longer than one hour. RV trailers qualify for the exemption listed above if they are unattached. Attached RV trailers are restricted to the one hour time limit in a residential area.
Semi Tractors Semi truck power units cannot park in a residential area.
Restricted Parking Distances a) A minimum of 10 metres from a corner or intersection
b) A minimum of one metre from both sides of a private driveway or alley
c) A minimum of one metre on both sides of the point where a fire hydrant intersects with a curb.

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