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Eco Pass 


Saskatoon Transit is working with Saskatoon businesses to bring the Eco Pass Program to their employees. Eco Passes provide a monthly discount of at least 40% off the cost of a regular adult monthly pass.


Employee benefits?

  • Access to a Discounted Pass
    Save at least 40% off the regular adult monthly pass fare.
  • Federal Tax Credit
    Submit your payroll deductions for your Eco Pass for a federal tax credit of 15.25%.
  • Reduce Travelling Expenses
    Under this program, you can drive your vehicle less, which means using less gas, reducing vehicle wear and tear, and not needing to worry about parking.
  • Convenient Payment Option
    Your employer handles the required payments via payroll deduction.
  • Easy Application Process
    To get your employer involved, refer them to this webpage, or have them phone Saskatoon Transit @ 306-975-3108

Employer benefits?

  • Become an Environmental Champion in Our Community
    Adopting the Eco Pass program provides businesses with a means to become environmental leaders and support an active lifestyle within our City.
  • Employee Retention
    Many employers may add the Eco Pass program to their benefits package to attract and retain good employees.
  • Reduced Parking Concerns
    Making better use of existing employee parking sites can bring long term cost and administrative savings.

How does a business get involved?

  1. The employer signs on to the program providing at least three (3) employees who will participate for a minimum of twelve consecutive months. As a required minimum, the employer matches the Saskatoon Transit discount of 20% off the regular adult monthly pass fare – providing a 40% monthly discount for the employee.
  2. Employers contract with participating employees and administer the payroll deductions.
  3. Passes are conveniently ordered through Saskatoon Transit administration using a corporate credit card or cheque and then shipped directly to the employer.


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