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The City of Saskatoon operates an electric utility providing electrical service to the area of Saskatoon which lies generally within the 1958 City boundary. Bulk power is purchased from the provincial crown utility, SaskPower, at 138,000 volts. Through a system of substations, distribution lines and transformers, the power is supplied to customers on demand at locations and at voltages appropriate to their needs. The Utility also maintains the street lighting system.

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Saskatoon Light & Power
322 Brand Road S7K 0J5
Phone: 306-975-2414 / Fax: 306-975-3057

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Next Update In: Power Restored - No updates necessary

Neighbourhood Affected: Richmond Heights
Area Affected: Noble Cr and Rupert Dr
Time of Outage Reported: 05/01/2015 12:25 AM
Time Restored: 05/01/2015 1:10 AM
Next Update In: Power Restored - No updates necessary
Messages for customers: Thank you for your patience during the recent power outage.

Neighbourhood Affected: Richmond Heights
Area Affected: 18 - 58 EVEN of Noble Cr and 159, 163 & 167 Rupert Dr
Time of Outage Reported: 05/01/2015 12:20 AM
Estimated Time for Restored Power: Unknown at this time
Next Update In: 60 minutes
SL&P electrical crews are: Aware of the power outage and are investigating the reason, Switching customers to a temporary power supply where possible
Reason (s) for Outage: Equipment failure (transformers, underground cable fault, etc.)
Messages for customers: We thank you for your patience as we work as quickly as possible to restore your power., Extreme cold temperatures are forecasted during this power outage – please remember to leave gas powered portable generators or barbecues outside. In an emergency, please phone 911 for immediate assistance.

Saskatoon Light & Power provides service to some, but not all, areas of the City. For more information, please click here

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Saskatoon Light & Power's priority focus will be to continue our record of innovation through a pattern of disciplined and cost-conscious investments in our infrastructure. We will continue to develop green energy projects in order to meet our commitment to the environment while maximizing our return on investment to the City of Saskatoon.



Saskatoon Light & Power will begin development of a new Green Energy Park. The vision for this park is to showcase our alternative energy projects in a way that provides educational opportunities for the public and to promote energy conservation and renewable energy solutions. Projects underway include a Landfill Gas Collection System and Power Generator, and a Turbo-Expander being development in conjunction with SaskEnergy. Our Utility is also exploring the potential for other future projects at this location. One other key project being studied is a low-impact hydropower station to be located at the Saskatoon Weir located on the South Saskatchewan river.

We will also be demonstrating our environmental leadership through the use of LED lighting in one of the City's new neighbourhoods. This large scale pilot project will showcase this energy efficient technology and will be used to verify the energy savings that can be achieved.

Saskatoon Light & Power will also continue to focus on developing its staff through our apprenticeship program. This program is an important succession planning initiative to meet our future staffing needs. This will also provide opportunities for our current staff to grow within the Utility to meet their career goals.



One of the Utility's strategic directions is to harness and promote the use of renewable energy sources thereby reducing our reliance on fossil fuels for energy generation.

Provide staff training and continued promotion of a safe workplace by personal commitment by all staff.

Implementation of an Asset Management System in order to improve maintenance efficiencies and effectiveness.

Succession planning through our continued focus on the apprenticeship program.






City of Saskatoon - Utility Services Department

Number of Customers


Number of Employees



$150 million

Total Assets

$153.1 million (2008)

Peak Demand for Power

193.6 MW

Distribution Network

519 km Overhead and 243 km Underground

Total Energy Sales

1,081.2 GWh



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Phone: 306-975-2400 / Toll Free: 1-800-667-9944 

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