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Access Transit 

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Access Transit is for people who are unable to use the regular transit system with safety and dignity. Service is provided using lift-equipped buses and cabs within the city limits of Saskatoon on a shared-ride "accessible door to accessible door" basis, proving a safe and secure trip from origin to destination including assistance with getting to the vehicle, getting on the vehicle, securement of you and your mobility device within the vehicle, exiting from the vehicle, and assistance to the destination accessibile door.

Access Transit service is NOT a taxi service - it IS a shared ride service where booking and scheduling decisions are made to allow as many riders as possible to use the system while staying within our budgetary guidelines.

The service is provided by the City of Saskatoon and United Blueline and Radio Cabs Ltd., which provide alternate service delivery.

The costs of operating the service are offset by fares collected from users, with the operating deficit shared between the City of Saskatoon and the Province of Saskatchewan.


Anyone wanting to use the service must register and be approved before they can book trips.  Please contact Access Transit at 306-975-3555 to request a registration package. An information package will be sent to new customers after their registration has been approved.

You can also click here to contact Access Transit by email or by fax at 306-975-3572.

In order to schedule trips, up-to-date information is needed for your address, and type of mobility device you will be using during your trip. Please notify Access Transit at 306-975-3555 of any changes to your registration information.

Hours of service:
   6:15 am to 11:45 pm Monday to Friday
   8:15 am to 11:45 pm Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

Trips can be booked up to seven days before the day you want to travel. Trips can be booked during the following times:

  • 6:30 am to 10:00 pm Monday-Friday
  • 7:30 am to 10:00 pm Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
*Note: If you are booking seven days ahead of time, the booking period starts at 9:00 am. For 6 days in advance, or less, regular booking times apply.

A maximum of four one-way trips or two two-way trips may be booked per call, per day. Service is provided on a first-come, first served basis, however the demand for service is often greater than the number of trips we are able to supply. For this reason, you may not be able to book the trips you require at the times you have specified. However, if you are flexible in your pick-up and drop off times, or wish to be placed on a waiting list, you will have a better chance of receiving a trip.

The following information is required to book a trip:

  • date and time service is requested for the pick-up
  • exact address, building, or business name where pick-up is required
  • exact address, building, or business name of destination
  • date and time service is requested for return trip
  • type of mobility device you will be using
  • if you require, and will be with, an attendant

Trips can be booked by calling 306-975-3555; by email accesstransit@saskatoon.ca or by fax 306-975-3572.

SUBSCRIPTION (Automatic Pre-Booked) TRIPS
If you take the same trip at least once weekly for a minimum of 4 weeks, for dialysis, work, post-secondary education, medical therapy, or church, a subscription trip may be possible based on service availability.

Once approved, a subscription trip is set up on a master schedule and is provided as long as it is required; however booked times may be adjusted to accommodate additional subscription trip users.

Subscription trips are provided only if there is available service, and are automatically cancelled on Holidays.  If you require a subscription trip on a Holiday, a regular booking will have to be made.

The Customer Care Line at 306-975-3555 can be called at any time for questions, comments, or concerns. If a representative is unavailable, please leave a message and the call will be returned as soon as possible during regular business hours Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

It is the customers' responsibility to be ready for their trip up to 10 minutes before to 10 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time. For example, if the trip pick-up time was scheduled for 10:30 a.m., the customer must be ready to be picked up starting at 10:20 a.m. through to 10:40 a.m. Given the shared-ride nature of the service, a more specific time-frame cannot be provided.

Upon arrival, the driver will make a reasonable attempt to locate customers (ring doorbell or buzzer if provided), but if no activity is seen within 5 minutes, drivers must continue their schedule to maintain service for other customers.

While all attempts are made to minimize travel time, we cannot guarantee travel times. However, we try to limit travel times to a maximum of 60 minutes per one-way trip.

Service is provided from "accessible door to accessible door". For the safety of both the customer and the driver, drivers will not take mobility devices up or down more than one step. It is the customers' responsibility to provide a ramp where there is more than one step.

It is the customers' responsibility to ensure that all ramps are safe and in good repair. This includes ensuring:

  • ramps are clear of debris, ice and snow
  • surfaces are non-slip
  • ramp angles allow for safe motion

The driver is not responsible for carrying packages. We will only transport what the customer can reasonably carry by themselves in a safe manner.

For the safety of both the customer and the operator, it is the customers' responsibility to ensure that their mobility device is in a safe condition for transport, or service will not be provided. The driver will notify Dispatch if they feel the device is unsafe, and the customer will be responsible to bring the device to a safe standard before trips can be provided.

Unexpected occurrences such as illness, family emergencies, etc., happen to everyone occasionally and disrupt our daily routine. We understand these circumstances may arise; however, ride cancellations should be made as early as possible, as soon as you are aware you no longer require the trip. This will free-up service set aside for your trip and allow the trip to be reassigned to another passenger.

If you fail to cancel a scheduled trip in advance, you will be considered a no-show. Please remember that the driver can only wait a maximum of five minutes upon arrival within your scheduled pick-up time frame because of other passenger commitments. After this five minute period has elapsed, and there is no indication that you are coming to the pick up location, your trip will be considered a no show.

Please be considerate to other passengers and cancel your trip as early as possible if you no longer require service. Passengers who repeatedly fail to cancel trips, cancel trips at the last minute, or are a no-show for their trip, may be subject to a suspension of service.

Centre at Circle & 8th West - Safeway or Grandma Lee's between Best Buy & Sport Check
Circle Centre at Circle & 8th East - North Theatre door
Confederation Mall - South Mall Entrance at BMO doors
Mall at Lawson Heights - Safeway doors by Tomas Cook
Market Mall - Safeway doors (northwest corner of mall)
Midtown Plaza - Bus stop - Access Loading Zone
Transit Customer Service - Downtown terminal in front of CSC in Route 1/2/11 stop
Scotia Centre - Bus stop - 1st Ave. at Royal Bank
Strip Malls - In front of business location
Medical Arts Building - Access Transit Bus Stop on Spadina Crescent
Sturdy Stone Centre -  Access Transit Bus Stop on 22nd St & 3rd Ave facing north

If we are unable to accommodate your trip request, you may wish to use Saskatoon Transit Services' accessible low floor buses which operate on several regular routes. Passengers who wish to use this service must be able to independently board the bus and position their mobility device within the bus, or bring an attendant who will do this. Once in position, the transit operator will assist in securing the mobility device within the vehicle. For more information, call 975-3100.

All mobility devices must be secured using the restraint systems provided. Drivers will not provide service to anyone who does not want their device to be secured, or where we cannot adequately secure the device. The provision of adequate securement locations is the customers' responsibility.

It is mandatory that the customer supplies and uses a posture support device during transport. The only exception to this requirement is where there is a medical condition that prevents the customer from adhering to this policy. In this case, documentation from your physician is required. Customers are also strongly encouraged to use the lap and shoulder belts supplied on the bus.

Every trip must be paid for at the time of delivery. Drivers do not carry change.

NOTE: We do not have the ability to bill the customer or a third party for trips at a later time. Drivers will require the fare at the beginning of the trip, and if the customer cannot pay for the trip, then service will not be provided.

Adult tickets and passes may be purchased at Saskatoon Transit ticket vendors (click here to go to our listing of vendors; Seniors' 6- and 12-month passes are sold only at the Transit Customer Services Centre, located in the Downtown Bus Mall). Punch passes may be purchased from bus drivers by cash or cheque (payable to City of Saskatoon)

In rare circumstances a customer may have medical or behavioural issues that can affect their own safety (or safety of others on board) while the bus is travelling.  A mandatory Attendant will be required as a safe-guard for such customers on ALL bookings. Upon application review our office will determine if an Attendant is required.

Where space permits, one friend or family member, not required as an attendant, may ride with the registered user and must pay the regular adult cash or ticket fare. Space for an attendant, friend or family member must be reserved at time of booking.

Passengers will be positioned facing away from the bus while travelling up/down the lift device.

Drivers are not permitted to make unscheduled stops. When the customer wishes to stop during their trip, this must be booked as two separate trips.

Call 306-975-3555 for:

  • Trip Booking
  • Cancellations (24 hours)
  • Registration
  • Low Floor Service Information
  • Commendations & Complaints

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