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Google Transit 

Saskatoon Transit is pleased to offer this service to support our citizens with their trip planning on public transit in Saskatoon. 

Here are a few ways Google Transit makes your trip planning easier:

  • Customize your route: Riders don't have to sort through timetables -- they can simply enter the date and time that they hope to arrive at their destination (or depart for the trip) and the trip planner will provide 3 options, showing the amount of time and number of transfers for each option, letting you easily select the most convenient trip.
  • Walking directions: Google Maps can provide walking directions, so you can find out exactly how to get to the nearest transit stop or station, and how to get to your destination once you leave the train/bus.
  • Information accessible by mobile: Transit trip planning is also available on mobile phones (such as iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, S60, and other Java enabled phones). Transit information is now available at people's fingertips no matter where they are, and can help get them out of a bind if they don't know which lines/routes service a particular area or what the timetables are.
  • Using business names or place names instead of addresses: You don't need to know which pizzeria you are going to or its address in order to get directions; Google Transit integrates with all the features of Google Maps, including our local search. This means that you don't need to know exactly where you're going -- in the "to" and "from" fields, you can enter a business name ("Tom's Pizza") or category ("pizza") instead of a specific street address. 
  • Street View imagery of locations: Google Maps offers Street View ground-level images in hundreds of cities and towns across the country; this allows riders to preview a transit station or stop, to see things like whether it's above ground or underground, whether there is a covered shelter or bench, where exactly the stop/station is located, how far it is from a business, and other practical uses (example).
  • Fare calculation estimates: If you provide us with the necessary data, we indicate the price of the transit trip, and compare it to the cost of transit to the cost of driving (which typically shows public transit as the more wallet-friendly option!).
  • Support for over 40 languages: We support multiple languages in Google Maps so it is very convenient for foreign language riders, whether residents or international tourists, to find directions and information in their native language.
  • Accessible for visually impaired users: Google Maps can generate an output that is compatible with screen readers for visually impaired users (example).

 Frequently Asked Questions:


1.           How do I access the Transit on Google Maps?

    • Visit Google at www.google.com/transit and select Saskatoon from the map or text version.
    • Visit the Saskatoon Transit website at www.saskatoon.ca (click on “T” for Transit” and select the Google Transit link from the Saskatoon Transit Online Tools.

2.           How often is the Google transit trip planning information updated?

Google transit trip planning information is updated weekly. Saskatoon Transit provides the latest schedule data to Google as required.

3.           How often is the Saskatoon Transit Click & Go Trip Planner updated?

The Click & Go Trip Planner is updated frequently with any last minute changes.

4.           How often is Google Maps updated?

Google Maps is updated as new information becomes available from our data providers.

5.           I live in a new neighbourhood and I can't find my street in Google Maps?

Google Maps is updated as new information becomes available from our data providers.  Your new street might not be there yet.

6.           Will the City continue to offer the Click & Go Trip Planner? Will it provide the same results?

Google uses schedule data provided by Saskatoon Transit. You may get different results than the Click & Go Trip Planner because a different calculation may be used for walking, transferring and waiting.  Google also uses a different base map and landmark search locator.

7.           How many trip plan options does Google provide?

Google provides up to 3 trip plan options.

8.           Does Google include walking directions?

Yes, your trip plan features step-by-step directions for how to walk to each stop/station and how to walk from your final stop/station to your destination.

9.           I noticed an error on Google Maps? How does it get fixed?

          Go to Fix an error on Google Maps  

10.        Is Google available for mobile devices?


         Yes, Google is available on mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile etc.). Go to Google Maps for Mobile for more about bringing trip planning to the palm of your hand.


11.        Is Google available in other languages other than English?

          Google is available in over 40 languages.

12.        Is Google accessible?

Google is compatible with screen readers for the visually impaired.

13.        How do I change the time of my trip?

Click Show Options to change time.

14.        How do I change the date of my trip?

Click Show Options to change date.

15.        How do I change the depart at or arrive by?

Click Show Options to change depart at or arrive by.

16.        I can’t find a new street.

Try entering a nearby intersection

17.        How do I provide feedback to Google?

On the Saskatoon Transit Google Maps page, click on "Send Us Feedback" which links you to a Google "Feedback on public transit data" page.





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