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Installation of Solar Heating Panels Begins at Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre on November 20 
For Immediate Release:  November 18, 2010

The installation of 72 solar heating panels will begin early in the morning on Saturday, November 20 at Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre. The facility will remain open during construction.

The new solar panels will capture heat from the sun and transfer it to the pool at the facility. The panels are expected to be operational by mid-December. Construction of 90 solar panels at Lawson Civic Centre was started earlier this month.

The operation of the solar hot water system in both of these facilities is very simple. South facing solar panels mounted on the roof transfer the solar energy to a circulating non-toxic glycol solution. This circulating “anti-freeze” passes through a heat exchanger where the glycol passes across one side of the metal plates and the pool water passes across the other side. This process quickly transfers heat to the pool water, yet also ensures the two fluids do not come in direct contact with each other. On average, the solar heating system will provide 20% to 25% of the pool’s heating needs throughout the year.

Funding for these projects was provided by both the Federal and Provincial governments, and through a loan City Council approved earlier this year. The energy bill savings gained by using solar heating will be used to pay back the loan in approximately 11 years. After this payback period, the City will see an ongoing reduction in its energy bill. The new panels will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 111 tonnes per year (like taking 21 cars off the road).

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