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For Immediate Release:  March 3, 2014

Based on information released by Statistics Canada in late February, the City of Saskatoon’s Planning and Development Division has calculated that Saskatoon’s population has topped 250,000 people.

By using Statistics Canada’s 248,293 population figures for the city of Saskatoon at July 1, 2013, and applying their suggested 3 percent annual growth rate, City Planners estimate that the city’s population has reached approximately 253,000 people as of March 1, 2014.

“This is an exciting milestone for Saskatoon.  Based on the information from Statistics Canada, we have increased by a rate of 40.4 per thousand, which hasn’t been achieved by any other census metropolitan in more than 15 years,” Planning and Development Director Alan Wallace says.

“This new estimate confirms that Saskatoon is ‘the place to be’.  Our growing, thriving, economy and high quality of life make the city an attractive place for new residents and recent Canadians to call home.  And through the City’s Growing Forward, Shaping Saskatoon public consultations and other important growth strategies that are currently underway, we will ensure that plans are in place to accommodate this growth so Saskatoon continues to be a great place to live.”

Using the same calculation for the Saskatoon Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), which includes surrounding rural communities, it is estimated that the CMA population has reached 298,000 people.

Planning and Development regularly calculates population estimates using information from Statistics Canada, factoring in recent trends in growth.  These projections assist City Council and the Administration in developing its policy framework, long-range plans, and forecasting future municipal servicing needs and land consumption.

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