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Occupancy Permits


An Occupancy Permit is authorization issued in writing, to occupy any building or part thereof. Generally, the moving of loose furniture, stock or goods, inventory, accessory equipment, or personal belongings into the premises is considered occupancy. Occupancy approval can be issued at two stages: 

 1) During construction (interim occupancy); or 

 2) Upon completion of construction (final occupancy).  

Interim Occupancy Permit

  • Is required for new buildings or additions, with fire alarm system; and
  • Existing building, where the scope of the alteration includes a new or replaced fire alarm system

An interim occupancy permit may be issued for the use of a part of a building (floor, wing or defined area) or for the entire building pending its completion. An interim occupancy permit will typically list conditions and/or outstanding defects or work yet to be completed. 

How to apply: Interim Occupancy Permit Application

Final Occupancy Permit

A final occupancy permit may be issued for any building, provided all plumbing permits and building permits are closed, and all mechanical and electrical installations have been completed.

A final occupancy permit may also be issued for a base commercial building, where residential units above the commercial space have yet to be permitted and constructed.

How to apply: Final Occupancy Application

Occupancy Permit Fees 

Interim Occupancy Permit fee $832.00 $849.00 $866.00
Final Occupancy Permit fee $395.00 $403.00 $411.00

In addition to the fees above, a Saskatoon Fire Department may charge an hourly fee for time associated with fire inspection, research and report writing.