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Asbestos Registry

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is regulated by several federal and provincial laws. Current federal controls focus on mining, high-risk consumer products and federal workplace exposure. In Saskatchewan, asbestos in the workplace is regulated by the Ministry of Labour Relations and WorkPlace Safety, Occupational Health & Safety Division.

Within the City of Saskatoon, there are a number of older Civic buildings that contain Asbestos Containing Material (ACM). Older buildings, especially those constructed prior to 1985, are likely to contain ACM. Although ACM is typically found in structural materials, repairs, maintenance, renovations and other processes may disturb asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and release asbestos fibres into the air.  Materials must be assessed for ACM content prior to any disturbance, including for renovations & repairs.

The asbestos reports and documents in this registry relate to known occurrences of ACM in buildings only. There may be additional ACM that has not yet been identified and may be physically concealed or isolated. Further testing may be required to confirm the presence of ACM prior to a renovation or demolition. Asbestos reports and documents will be added to this registry as asbestos assessments are completed.
In order to prevent asbestos from becoming an airborne hazard, employers, contractors and owners are required to:
• Identify and label asbestos containing materials (ACM) that can release asbestos fibres
• Regularly check and maintain ACM to prevent any fibre release
• Develop written control plans to prevent the release of asbestos fibre into occupied areas when maintenance, repairs, renovations or other work may disturb ACM.

Asbestos Registry 

Facilities Management
Civic Administration Facilities 
88 King Street (Former STC Maintenance) Report
Assessors Building Report
Carpenter's Shop Building #2 (Vic Rempel Yards) Report
City Hall (North) Report
City Hall (South)  Report
Civic Square East Report
Derrick Carroll Building (Fleet Services) Report
Essex Plaza (Leased Space) Report
Inventory and Asset Recovery Report
John Deere Building (City Yards) Report
Landscape & Sportsfields (Surveyor's Building) Report
Municipal Impound Lot Report
Nutana Kiwanis Maintenance Buildings Report
Pump and Header House (Forestry Farm Park & Zoo) Report
Trades Offices and Greenhouse (Vic Rempel Yards) Report
Transit Access Transit Storage Building Report
Transit Administration & Maintenance Building Report
Transit Access Body Shop Report
Transit Bus Mall Report
Transit Repair Terminal Report
Umea Vast Park Maintenance Building Report
Urban Forestry Building #1 (Vic Rempel Yards) Report
Vic Rempel Yards - Administration Building Report
Woodlawn Cemetery - Office and Administration Building Report
Woodlawn Cemetery - Eternal Memorials Report

Civic Leisure Facilities   
A.C.T. Arena Report
Archibald Arena Report
Bob Van Impe Ballfield Report
Cosmo Civic Centre and Carlyle King Library Report
Forestry Farm Park and Zoo Report
Forestry Farm Park and Zoo (Bunk House) Report
Forestry Farm Park and Zoo (Quarantine Building) Report
George Ward Pool Report
Gordie Howe Kinsmen Arena Report
Gordon Howe Campground Report
Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre Report
Holiday Park Golf Course Clubhouse Report
Lakewood Civic Centre and Cliff Wright Library Report
Lathey Pool Report
Lathey Pool - Concession Report
Lawson Civic Centre and Rusty MacDonald Library Report
Lions Arena Report
Riversdale Badminton and Tennis Club Report
Riversdale Pool Report
Saskatoon Field House Report
Shaw Centre Report
Silverwood Golf Course - Clubhouse Report
White Buffalo Youth Lodge Report
Wildwood Golf Course - Clubhouse Report

Boards and Commissions Facilities  
A.L. Cole Pump House Report
Albert Community Centre  Report
Bowerman House Report
Bowerman House Garage Report
Cosmopolitan Seniors Centre Report
Farmer's Market Building Report
Frances Morrison Library  Report
JS Wood Library  Report
Little Chief Community Station Report
Marr Residence Report
Mayfair Library Report
Mendel Art Gallery  Report
SaskTel Centre Report
SPCA Building Report
Sutherland Memorial Hall Report
TCU Place Report

Park Recreation Units & Public Washrooms
Paddling Pool Areas
Parks - Initial Recreation Units Report Report
Adelaide Park Rec Unit Report
Albert Park Rec Unit Report
Archibald McDonald Park Rec Unit Report
Ashworth Holmes Park Rec Unit Report
Boughton Park Rec Unit Report
Brevoort Park Rec Unit Report
Buena Vista Park Rec Unit Report
Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Park Rec Unit Report
Dr. Seager Wheeler Park Rec Unit Report
G.D. Archibald Memorial Park Rec Unit Report
Greystone Heights Park Rec Unit Report
Harold Tatler Park Rec Unit Report
Henry Kelsey Park Rec Unit Report
St. Andrews Park Rec Unit Report
James Anderson Park Rec Unit Report
John Lake Park Rec Unit Report
Meadowgreen Park Rec Unit Report
Mount Royal Park Rec Unit Report
Optimist Park Rec Unit Report
Pacific Park Paddling Pool Report
Parc Canada Paddling Pool Report
Rochdale Park Paddling Pool Report
Sidney L Buckwold Park Report
Sifton Park Rec Unit Report
Sutherland Park Rec Unit Report
W.W. Ashley Park Rec Unit Report
Weaver Park Soccer Building Report
Wildwood Park Paddling Pool Report

Spray Pad Areas
Holliston Park Rec Unit Report
Pleasant Park Rec Unit Report
River Landing Pavilion Report

Public Washrooms
Cumberland Park Washroom Building Report
Diefenbaker Park Washroom Building Report
Gabriel Dumont Park Washrooms Report
Kilburn Park Washrooms Report
Meewasin Park Pavilion Report
Mendel Park Washrooms Report
Rotary Park Washrooms Report
Victoria Park Boathouse Washrooms Report
William A Reid Park Washrooms Report

Lawn Bowling
Mayfair Lawn Bowling Clubhouse Report
Nutana Lawn Bowling Clubhouse Report
Riversdale Lawn Bowling Report

Park & Facilities' Shed & Miscellaneous Structures
Bob Van Impe - Ticket Building Report
Charlottetown Park - Garage Report
Edward McCourt - Shed Report
Fleet Services - Storage Building No.15 (City Yards) Report
Fleet Services - Storage Building No.16 (City Yards) Report
Fleet Services - Storage Building No.18 (City Yards) Report
Forestry Farm Park & Zoo (Poultry Shelter) Demolished in 2018 Report
Gordon Howe Campground - Storage Shed Report
Gordon Howe Campground - Tool Shed Report
Holiday Park Golf Course - Greens Equipment Building Report
Holiday Park Golf Course - Maintenance Building Report
Holiday Park Golf Course - Pumphouse Report
Holiday Park Golf Course - Storage Building D Report
Holiday Park Golf Course - Storage Building No.3 Report
Kinsmen Park Ski Hut Report
Kiwanis Memorial Park - Belvedere Building Report
Kiwanis Memorial Park - Bandshell Report
Kiwanis Memorial Park - Storage Shed Report
Lt. Col. D. Walker Park - Shed Report
Lakewood Civic Centre - Shed Report
Lawson Heights Civic Centre - Shed Report
Leakos Field Press Box Report
Nutana Kiwanis Park - Gas Shed Report
Nutana Lawn Bowling Miscellaneous Storage Buildings Report
Silverwood Golf Course - Fertilizer Storage Report
Silverwood Golf Course - Pump House Report
Silverwood Golf Course - Maintenance Storage Building Report
Silverwood Golf Course - Tool Shed Report
Szumigalski (Industrial) Park - Shed Report
Umea Park Soccer Shed Report
Umea Vast Park Storage Garage Report
Vic Rempel Yard - Equipment Storage Building Report
Wildwood Golf Course - Cold Storage Building Report
Wildwood Golf Course - Maintenance Building Report


Transportation & Construction
Roadways, Fleet & Support 
Carpenters Shop (City Yards) Report
Hydrant Shop & Wash Bay (City Yards) Report
Patrol Shed (City Yards) Report
Public Works Stores (City Yards) Report
Roadways Cold Storage (City Yards) Report
Shop (Nicholson Yards) Report
Street & Sidewalks Maintenance (City Yards) Report
Truck Storage (City Yards) Report


Utilities & Environment
Saskatoon Light & Power
Substation Breakers Report
1st Avenue Substation Report
29th Avenue Substation Report
Avenue C Substation Report
Avenue W Substation Report
CD McGall Substation Report
College Park Substation Report
JM Taylor Substation Report
Main Street Substation Report
North Central Substation Report
Pleasant Hill Substation Report
Ruth Street Substation Report
WJ Bunn Substation Report

Saskatoon Water
Lift Stations
14th Street Lift Station Report
Adelaide Lift Station Report
Avenue C Lift Station Report
Bandstand Lift Station Report
Idylwyld & 40th Street Lift Station Report
Lakeridge Lift Station Report
McKinnon Lift Station Report
Powerhouse Lift Station Report
Spadina Lift Station Report

Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment Plant(Administration Building) Report
Clarifier Building Report
Digester Building Report
Grit Building Report
Inlet Building Report
Screen Building Report
Sodium Hypochlorite Building Report
Supernatant Maintenance Building Report
Supernatant Pump Station Report
Supernatant Valve Station Report

Water Treatment
Water Treatment Plant Report
11th Street Reservoir Report
11th Street Reservoir B Report
11th Street Valve House Report
Acadia Pump House Report
Acadia Reservoir Report
Low Lift Station Report
Water Meter Shop Report
Water Meter Shop 48th Street Report

Water & Waste Operations
Administration Building (Waste Management Centre) Report
Large Cat Shed (Waste Management Centre) Report
Packer Shed (Waste Management Centre) Report
Sewer & Water Cold Storage (City Yards) Report
Sewer & Maintenance Department (City Yards) Report
Scale House North (Waste Management Centre) Report
Quonset Storage (Waste Management Centre) Report

Mobile Trailers
Moblie Work Tailers Report
Trailer #702 Report
Trailer #703 Report
Trailer #704 Report
Trailer #706 - Weight Scale (Nicholson Yards) Report
Trailer #707 Report
Trailer #708 Report
Trailer #709 Report
Trailer #710 - Lunch Room (Nicholson Yards) Report
Trailer #711 Report


Saskatoon Fire Department Facilities
Fire Station #1 Report
Fire Station #2 Report
Fire Station #4 Report
Fire Station #5 Report
Fire Station #6 Report
Fire Station #6 Budz Guenter Memorial House Demolished in 2019 Report
Fire Station #6 Miscellaneous Structures Report
Fire Station #7 Report
Fire Alarm Building Report
Fire Maintenance Building Report
Fire Prevention & Investigation Station (Former Hall #3) Report
Fire Staff Development Centre Report
Fire General Report Report

The City participates in the Provincial Asbestos Registry

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