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Developer’s Handbook

A Developer’s Handbook provides a guided approach to those who intend to develop land within the City of Saskatoon. While the content is applicable to all land developers considering opportunities for investment and economic development in Saskatoon, there is a section specifically focused on First Nations who may wish to establish an urban reserve within the city.

The handbook includes information on:

  • The pre-development process before purchasing land
  • Important plans, policies and stakeholders
  • Re-zoning or subdividing land
  • Developing un-serviced or full serviced land
  • Preparing a land development proposal
  • Applying for a development incentive
  • Establishing an urban reserve

 View A Developer's Handbook: A Guide to Developing Land in Saskatoon

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Interested in developing land? 

The City encourages those interested in developing land in Saskatoon to contact the Planning & Development Department at or 306-975-2645 before purchasing land to ensure the site selection, building plans and development interests align with municipal regulations and requirements.