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The standard drawings for roadways and water and sewer construction are posted on this web site and are subject to revision, addition or deletion. 
These drawings may be referenced from City of Saskatoon Specifications or the Design & Development Manual. They may also act as stand-alone specifications. 
It is the responsibility of each supplier and/or contractor to identify the drawings required for the supply of materials and/or construction services.  It is also the responsibility of each supplier and/or contractor to obtain such drawings from the website for use in bidding or executing work approved or specified by the City of Saskatoon. 
Latest update: May 31, 2021  
This page may need to be refreshed in order to see the current files after updates have been made. 

Drawings Search Index

Title Mobile Preview Category Category #
Bike Stencil Bike Pavement Marking 1020034001.png png 493 KB Pavement Markings 34
Bike Diamond Symbol Stencil Reserved Bike Lane Pavement Marking 1020034002.png png 433 KB Pavement Markings 34
Bike Arrow Stencil Bike Direction Pavement Marking 1020034003.png png 405 KB Pavement Markings 34
Sharrow Stencil Shared Bike Lane Pavement Marking 1020034004.png png 420 KB Pavement Markings 34
Bike Ends Stencil Reserved Bike Lane Ends Pavement Marking 1020034007.png png 436 KB Pavement Markings 34
Typical Pavement Markings Shared Bike Lane Sharrow Symbol Placement 1020034008.png png 450 KB Pavement Markings 34
Typical Pavement Markings Reserved Bike Lane Reserved Bike Symbols Placement 1020034009.png png 471 KB Pavement Markings 34
Two-Stage Turn Bike Box Bike Direction Pavement Marking 1020034016.png png 688 KB Pavement Markings 34
Longitudinal Pavement Markings 1020034017.png png 522 KB Pavement Markings 34
Transverse Pavement Markings 1020034018.png png 447 KB Pavement Markings 34
Gore Marks 1020034019.png png 518 KB Pavement Markings 34
Lane Line Dimensioning Practice 1020034020.png png 442 KB Pavement Markings 34
Standard Specification Railway Crossing Symbol 1020034021.png png 537 KB Pavement Markings 34
Bicycle Stand Surface Mount Installation 1020038001.png png 180 KB Street Fixtures 38
Bicycle Stand Sleeve Installation 1020038002.png png 219 KB Street Fixtures 38
Pedestrian Ramp 1978 Style Rolled Curb 1020002079.png png 553 KB Curbs & Walks 2
Chlorine Injection Point 1020012025.png png 392 KB Watermains 12