FAQ Multi-lot Allocation (MLA)

Multi-Lot Allocation Frequently Asked Questions

Will price be negotiated? 

No, lot prices are not negotiableListed price on map will apply to all allocated lots, we will negotiate on which lots will be allocated. 

Can a builder participate in both the MLA and the Lot Draw? 

No, if a builder purchases in the MLA process they would not be eligible to enter the lot draw. It will be possible to purchase additional lots after the lot draw prior to placing the lots for sale over the counter.

How are the lots going to be allocated?

Saskatoon Land will attempt to allocate builders their desired selections based on their scoring with the Contractor Eligibility & Application Scoring Criteria.  If it is not possible for a builder to receive their exact selections, Saskatoon Land will attempt to find lots that are similar and discuss with the builder if they would be acceptable. 

If no offering is acceptable to the purchaser, they may withdraw their interest in the MLA and participate in the standard Lot Draw later. 


What happens if multiple builders want the same lot(s)? 

To aid in allocating lots to builders, Saskatoon Land will consider the Contractor Eligibility & Application Scoring Criteria.  Builders with higher scoring submissions will have a greater chance of being allocated preferred lot selections. 

Is it possible for all lots in the entire neighbourhood being release to sell out through the MLA?

No, Saskatoon Land will ensure to hold a variety of all lot types and sizes for the regular lot draw process.

Are builders allowed to take some of the lots allocated, but not all? 

Provided that the minimum purchasing requirement is met, a builder does not need to take all of the lots allocated. 

What is the build time requirement on lots purchased through the MLA? 

Lots purchased through the MLA will have the same 3 year build time requirement as per Council Policy.  Extensions may be granted as allowable under Policy. 

If neighbourhood purchase restrictions are set up, can a builder purchase more than the maximum lots if they maintain the same ratio?  

The numbers of lots able to be allocated to each builder will largely depend on the number of applicants received.  If few applications are received, Saskatoon Land will likely be able to allocate more lots, but the same ratio would have to be maintained

How is the MLA format more beneficial than the Lot Draw Format? 

The MLA format may not be the best purchase method for every builder.  It is most beneficial to large volume builders and builders wanting to increase the chance of having their lot inventory close together or in groupings.  Smaller or custom home builders will likely opt to participate in the traditional lot draw process.

Can lots be returned? 

Lots may be returned following typical return process and fees.  If the returns occur shortly after the MLA and bring total purchases below the required minimum, the builders’ ability to enter future MLAs may be impacted. 

Why are only a portion of the lots being made available for sale in this MLA? 

A Lot Draw will occur after the MLA is complete. To ensure we have lots available at all price ranges for the Lot Draw, we have set aside a portion of each neighbourhood.