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Stonebridge Construction

The Stonebridge & Highway 11 Interchange is Now Open

 What you can expect from us

  1. This new interchange completes the final access point for the Stonebridge neighbourhood, reducing wait times at other access points such as at Clarence Avenue and Preston Avenue. 
  2. This interchange will help to meet the traffic demands of the community while offering direct access to Circle Drive. 
  3. The flexible design of the interchange will allow for future expansion to meet growth and development in the area. 

 How you can help us

  1. Drive safely, slow down, pay attention and for everyone's safety, please obey all detours, signs and barriers as follow up work is completed in the area.

    For more information, please see the PSA released on Friday, September 30, 2016.


Archived Information

 Stonebridge Roadway Construction Timelines  Updated November 10, 2015


Stonebridge & Highway 11 Interchange (flyover)

Construction of the Stonebridge & Highway #11 Interchange started in May 2015 and is expected to be complete by the fall of 2016.

The Stonebridge Neighbourhood Concept Plan identified three access points for the Stonebridge Neighbourhood: Clarence Avenue, Preston Avenue and Highway #11 via a partial interchange.  Access is currently available via Clarence Avenue and Preston Avenue. 

Dream Development (formerly Dundee Developments) is completing this interchange project as part of the Development and Servicing Agreement with the City of Saskatoon. In essence, the City has permitted Dream to build the Stonebridge Neighbourhood with the condition that a partial interchange at Highway #11 be built.

As a major stakeholder and eventual owner of the interchange, the City of Saskatoon works closely with Dream Development and will be responsible for traffic control for the duration of the project. Dream has hired AECOM Canada Ltd. to design the interchange and Graham Construction has been contracted for its construction.


Access to the Stonebridge neighbourhood will not be affected by the construction however; lane restrictions and reduced speeds will be required on Highway 11 as construction progresses. As road restrictions occur, they will be communicated via the City’s Road Restrictions and Construction Projects interactive map. Residents can also find Traffic Detour Service Alerts at or follow the City on Twitter @YXEServiceAlert and with #betterroadsYXE.

The Stonebridge Highway 11 interchange was designed so that the southbound ramp itself would provide adequate sound mitigation from the Highway 11 noise.  Sound modelling was completed in fall 2015 and confirmed the design of this interchange adequately mitigates noise, and expected levels will be within the City of Saskatoon guidelines applied elsewhere around the city.  The modelling determined no additional sound attenuation or revisions to the design of the interchange were required to meet the City’s targets for noise levels.  The extended barrier on the ramp will further mitigate tire noise from vehicles using the ramp.  A copy of the final noise modelling report is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lighting will be used on the interchange? 

Saskatoon Light & Power is installing LED (light emitting diode) lighting in new areas of the City including at the new Stonebridge Interchange. The fixtures use approximately 55% less energy than high pressure sodium (HPS) and significantly reduce the amount of light shining onto private property. This reduced electrical consumption also translates into a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and makes LED lights a more cost efficient choice overall.

The price of LED fixtures has been steadily dropping and is becoming much more competitive as more jurisdictions move to using this type of lighting.  In Saskatoon, a colour temperature of 4100K has been selected for the LED fixtures.

Light fixtures at the Stonebridge Interchange and approaches are Mongoose style post lighting. These innovative styled fixtures coupled with the LED lights give a brighter level of light perception for the same illumination. 

For these reasons, LED fixtures are included as part of SL&P’s lighting standard.

Will access to Stonebridge be disrupted during this work?
No. Access will be maintained on Clarence Avenue and Preston Avenue during construction. Lane restrictions will only exist on Highway 11 adjacent to the Stonebridge neighbourhood.

Will there be vibration and noise during construction?
Yes. During construction there will be noise and vibration activities as the work progresses.  Construction crews will adhere to the City of Saskatoon noise bylaw which limits construction to 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Is there a plan in place to minimize dust?
The contractor is required to provide a dust control plan to minimize impacts to neighbouring properties. 

Why is this a limited access interchange?
The Stonebridge Neighbourhood Concept Plan identified a partial interchange was required to provide an additional access point to and from the city.  The interchange has been designed to allow for its future expansion to a fully directional interchange, if required as a result of development east of Highway 11.  

Why did you remove the berm behind some houses on Sutter Crescent?
The berm had to be removed to make way for the Stonebridge interchange southbound ramp to connect to Victor Road.

What sound mitigation measures will replace it?
The interchange was designed so that the southbound ramp itself would provide adequate sound mitigation from the Highway 11 noise.

Once construction is complete, as part of the ongoing engineering of the interchange, sound modelling will be completed to confirm that the ramp is sufficient in mitigating noise.

Why don’t you build a sound wall along the ramp?
It is not possible to construct a sound wall along the ramp itself because of the construction technique used to build the ramp.

How will you improve the aesthetic look of the ramps once construction is complete?
Similar to other ramps around the city, the side slopes will consist of concrete retaining walls in certain areas and grass in others.

Dream Development and the City will examine enhanced landscaping in the area between the bottom of the ramp and the property line to mitigate the visual impact of the interchange to residents on Sutter Crescent.

Could vehicles come off the ramp and into my house?
The southbound ramp design includes a barrier curb along the shoulders to prevent vehicles from going over the edge. This is consistent with ramps on other interchanges around the city with steep side slopes.

When is this project expected to be complete?
Construction started in May 2015 and is expected to be complete in fall of 2016, weather permitting and barring any unforeseen circumstances.

How will I benefit from this interchange?
The partial interchange will complete the major access points to the Stonebridge neighbourhood and further improve traffic conditions at Clarence Avenue and Preston Avenue.