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Circle Drive Cloverleaf Interchange

The City of Saskatoon completed repairs to the Highway 11 & 16 cloverleaf overpasses on September 21. All traffic restrictions have been lifted, although some single lane restrictions during off peak hours may still be required for finishing touches.

During the four month long project the following work was completed:

  • Cross-overs built between the driving lanes to accommodate detoured traffic
  • Removal and replacement of the ends of the support beams and key structural components to restore the structural capacity
  • Removal and replacement of the asphalt surface 

The work has extended the life of this important piece of infrastructure and ensured its continued use into the future. Maintaining City infrastructure and bridges is important to Saskatoon.

The City thanks drivers for their patience while this necessary work was carried out. 

In an effort to reduce the overall cost of bridge structures, the City focuses on preservation in order to protect the financial investment as well as maximize the sustainability of the infrastructure. The City’s Bridge Strategy moving forward includes the rehabilitation of at least two bridge/overpass structures per year.

Map of Phase 2 Traffic Detour


What type of impact will this project have on drivers?

Traffic in all directions will be accommodated; however, lanes will be reduced to single lanes in some areas. Drivers are required to slow to 60km/h. It is anticipated the delay

Could this project have been completed before or after the University Bridge Rehabilitation project?

No. The City undergoes a yearly bridge and overpass inspection program, whereby both the Circle Drive Cloverleaf project and the University Bridge project were identified as needing immediate repairs.

That said, the City has been working to minimize the impact to drivers as much as possible by being cognizant of projects on major routes and on planned detour routes associated with the University Bridge Closure.

What type of signage will be in place re-directing drivers?

Typical construction signage is in place advising drivers of the lane reductions. Signage is in place in advance of the work to provide notice to drivers.

How can I find updates on the project?

The City issues a Daily Road Report which includes all details and timelines of all major road restrictions. Traffic Detour Service Alerts will also be issued as required if timelines of the project are adjusted. Click here to subscribe to the Daily Road Report and other City News Releases.

How has the City planned for this project?

As part of the 2015 budget deliberations, administration recommended this project for the 2015 construction season and City Council responded with approval.

As part of the Building Better Roads campaign, this project was included with the list of major projects launched early April and has been included within the City’s Daily Road Report.  Click here to subscribe to the Daily Road Report and other City News Releases.

What other major construction projects are happening in our City this summer?

This year, more than $53 million will be spent on Saskatoon roads, including street sweeping, pothole patching, sidewalk rehabilitation, back lane updates, road construction and repair as well as snow and ice management.

According to the 2014 Civic Services Survey road conditions have been identified as the single most important issue affecting our city, so it is expected that numerous projects will occur at one time in order to improve the condition of our roadways.

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