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Idylwyld Drive Over 19th St Overpass Rehabilitation

Update! October 19, 2015: The bridge maintenance work on Idylwyld Drive over 19th Street overpass has been extended and is now expected to be complete by the end of November.

Since work started earlier this Fall, it has become evident that some of the minor concrete repairs are more extensive than originally anticipated and additional work and timeframe is required to complete these repairs. Key structural components are being repaired, which is necessary to ensure the bridge continues to be safe and structurally sound well into the future.

To complete this work, there will be lane restrictions on Idylwyld Drive overpass over 19th street in both directions as well as lane restrictions on 1st Avenue ramp under Idylwyld Drive.  Access to Sid Buckwold Bridge will be maintained at all times, however, drivers should expect some delays.

Please note: Restrictions on Idylwyld Drive are required to restrict heavy load while repairs are carried out under the overpass. Therefore, drivers will not see workers on Idylwyld Drive. 

In an effort to reduce the overall cost of bridge structures, the City focuses on preservation in order to protect the financial investment as well as maximize the sustainability of the infrastructure. The City’s Bridge Strategy moving forward includes the rehabilitation of at least two bridge/overpass structures per year. The Ruth Street overpass is slated for rehabilitation in 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the scope of repairs?

A. The scope of work will cover both concrete repairs and replacement of expansion joint seals.  

Q. Why was this project scheduled to start in mid-September?

A. This work was planned as part of the City’s bridge minor maintenance program. With the University Bridge rehabilitation complete, along with work wrapping up at Cloverleaf, this was the best time to begin work on Idylwyld.

Q. How has the City planned the project so as to minimize the impacts to traffic?

A. The City has planned the project in two phases, with Phase 1 being the only timeframe that will require 24-hour lane restrictions. Once Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 will have night restrictions only on alternating areas. The project was also planned in coordination with other major construction projects around the City to minimize city-wide disruptions.

Q. Should I reroute my commute?

A. The City has planned and phased the work to minimize impacts to traffic and allow access to Sid Buckwold Bridge. However, there will be delays and residents may consider rerouting their commute.

Q. How old is the bridge infrastructure under repair?

A. The Idylwyld Drive and 1st Avenue overpasses over 19th Street were both constructed in 1965. 

Q. What’s the budget for this bridge maintenance work?

A. The repairs to the deteriorated concrete as well as the expansion joint replacements will cost the City approximately $350,000.

Q. What’s the City’s 'Bridge Strategy'?

A. In an effort to reduce the overall cost of the bridge structures, the City focuses on preservation in order to protect the financial investment as well as maximize the sustainability of the infrastructure.The Bridge Strategy includes the rehabilitation of an average of 2 bridge/overpass structures per year. The Ruth Street Overpass is slated for rehabilitation in 2016.

Q. How is the City communicating this project with the Saskatoon public?

A. The City is communicating about this project through the media, newspaper and radio ads, advance digital signboards stationed on the Idylwyld Freeway, Public Service Announcements, Traffic Detour Service Alerts, the City Construction Map,  @YXEServiceAlert on Twitter, and digital content on the City’s website and Facebook Account.