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Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan

The Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan is a new museum of contemporary art at Saskatoon's River Landing. This extraordinary building is a centre for residents and visitors to enjoy the collections and exhibitions of art.  

In addition, the facility features a state-of-the-art learning centre, where young and old can learn and engage with art and each other. It offers spectacular event spaces for community gatherings, family events or professional conferences, showing off sweeping views of the South Saskatchewan River. It is a gathering place where everyone can come to sit and think, catch up with friends and take in the art on display, including significant Canadian and international works. 

Following substantial completion of the building in late March 2017, gallery staff began setting up operations. The grand opening was in October 2017. 

Learn about all the features of the Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan here.

Funding Sources

As illustrated in the graph below, funding for the gallery has been provided by all three orders of government as well as the private sector. The City's contribution of $30,287,000 accounts for 36% of the total $84,634,160 cost.

funding pie chart funding pie chart explanation