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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

Starting Monday, June 15, 2020, the Payment Centre, Customer Service & Collections counters located in the lobby of City Hall will open with a limited number of services, view what is available here. The lobby has been modified with the health, safety and well-being of employees and citizens as top priority. The remainder of City Hall remains closed to the public. Our business operations continue to ensure core services for our residents as much as possible. Public transit currently remains operational.

Official Community Plan

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Official Community Plan, Bylaw No. 9700

At its Public Hearing on Monday, June 29, 2020, City Council voted to approve Bylaw No. 9700, The Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2020. As per the requirements laid out in the Planning and Development Act, 2007 the bylaw has now been submitted to the Ministry of Government Relations (Ministry) for their review and approval. The bylaw does not come into effect until approval by the Ministry is granted.

 Public Notice - Proposed Official Community Plan, Bylaw No. 9700

 The Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2020

 Revised Schedule A to Bylaw No. 9700, The Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2020

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is our collective long-term vision for Saskatoon, guiding the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural development of our community.  It provides both inspiration and direction through a comprehensive policy framework to ensure the community's vision for Saskatoon is integrated in to all aspects of planning, decision-making and priority-setting for the City. The direction and goals outlined in the OCP are entrenched in law and recognized under the authority of the  Planning and Development Act, 2007.  

Official Community Plan Redesign

Why are we redesigning the OCP?

Saskatoon's  current OCP was initially approved in 1998 and updated in 2009. Over the last ten years, the City has completed a number of significant initiatives that have helped shape a new vision for our city.  These initiatives include:

 Saskatoon Speaks
 Plan for Growth
 Strategic Plan
 City Centre Plan
 Culture Plan
 Recreation and Parks Master Plan
 Active Transportation Plan
 Green Infrastructure Strategy
 Heritage Plan 
 Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth 

All of these initiatives have included extensive public consultation and have been endorsed by City Council. 

In order to reflect the new vision set by these initiatives, the City has undertaken a comprehensive review and redesign of the OCP.

The redesign of the OCP is intended to consolidate and entrench the directions that Council has approved in recent years in a way that is clear and engaging. 

OCP Redesign - By the Numbers 

OCP Infographic

The New Proposed Official Community Plan

The following provides an overview of the content included in the  new proposed OCP, along with highlights from each individual section:

Section A – Introduction: describes what an OCP is, how it is used by the City, and its scope and horizon of application.  

Highlights:  Introduction

Highlights include:

  • The OCP works in conjunction with the City’s Strategic Plan and Multi-Year Business Plan & Budgeting process to create a strategic framework for how priorities are set and how the City achieves its goals.
  • The OCP is intended to guide Saskatoon’s growth and development to a population of 500,000.

Section B – Our Local Context: describes the location, history, and projected future of the City and region.

Highlights:  Our Local Context

Highlights include:

  • Recognition of the initial Indigenous inhabitants of the area, the Métis communities that have made the area home, and the signing of Treaty Six.
  • The arrival of the Temperance Colonization Society and the incorporation of the Village of Saskatoon.
  • The City’s current and projected population, the diverse economy, and the evolution of the City’s urban form and structure.

Section C – Our Vision & Strategic Goals: describes the vision for Saskatoon as a world class city with a proud history of self-reliance, innovation, stewardship and cultural diversity. This part also establishes the City’s commitment to maintaining strong relationships with municipal neighbours and regional partners, and supporting strong relationships with rights holders and key stakeholders within Saskatoon and from other orders of government.

Highlights:  Our Vision & Strategic Goals

Highlights include:

  • The maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships with nearby municipalities and other jurisdictions and orders of government.
  • Recognition of the distinct order of government of First Nations and Métis and the importance of Truth and Reconciliation to honour and strengthen relationships with Indigenous people.
  • The importance of public engagement as a building block for creating a healthy and sustainable community. (Policy No. C02-046 – Public Engagement Policy – Sept 1, 2019)

Section D – Quality of Life: establishes how the City may address the cultural and social identity and development of the city. This includes how art, culture, heritage, community facilities, and health and safety may be supported or built into the community.  

Highlights:  Quality of Life

Highlights include:

Section E – Environmental Leadership: establishes how the City will commit to protecting, enhancing, and managing our impact on the environment. This includes the conservation and/or management of natural systems, energy, waste and the mitigation of, or adaptation to, climate change.

Highlights: Environmental Leadership

Highlights include:

Section F – Urban Form & Structure: establishes land uses and the organization of the form, structure and land use pattern of the city. This includes the concentration and density of development, integration with the transportation network and open spaces, and use of Local Area Plans, Sector Plans and Concept Plans.  

Highlights: Urban Form & Structure

Highlights include:

Section G – Sustainable Growth: establishes how and where development should occur, and the processes that support development. This includes policies and considerations for the financing, phasing and provision of services for development, as well as coordinated growth and development with our regional partners.

Highlights: Sustainable Growth

Highlights include:

Section H – Moving Around: establishes how the City’s transportation network supports and is supported by development. This includes how the transportation network’s infrastructure, and the transit network’s facilities are planned and operated, how parking is managed, and the integration of transportation and land use planning.

Highlights: Moving Around

Highlights include:

Section I – Economic Diversity & Prosperity: establishes how the City will facilitate and/or support the growth and diversity of economic development in the city and region. This includes how the City and region may collaborate and/or promote initiatives and/or cost sharing, and how the City may attract out-of-province business and cooperate, collaborate and/or partner with local, municipal and provincial partners and other authorities.

Highlights: Economic Diversity & Prosperity

Highlights include:

Section J – Implementation: guides and outlines tools for how the City will implement and achieve the content of the OCP. This includes the coordination with other jurisdictions, Indigenous inclusion, public engagement, secondary planning, phasing and constraints to development, operating and capital budgeting, and zoning bylaw and subdivision requirements.

Highlights: Implementation

Highlights include:

Committee & Council Reports

Over the course of the last few months, the draft OCP has been brought forward to various City Advisory Committees, the Municipal Planning Commission and City Council's Governance and Priorities Committee. At its Public Hearing on Monday, June 29, 2020, City Council approved the  new proposed OCP. As per the requirements laid out in the Planning and Development Act, 2007 the bylaw has now been submitted to the Ministry of Government Relations (Ministry) for their review and approval.  The bylaw does not come into effect until approval by the Ministry is granted.

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