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Official Community Plan

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The  Official Community Plan (OCP) is our collective long-term vision for Saskatoon, guiding the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural development of our community.  It provides both inspiration and direction through a comprehensive policy framework to ensure the community's vision for Saskatoon is integrated in to all aspects of planning, decision-making and priority-setting for the City. 

The direction and goals outlined in the OCP are entrenched in law and recognized under the authority of the  Planning and Development Act, 2007The OCP works in conjunction with the City's Strategic Plan and Multi-Year Business Plan and Budgeting process to create a strategic framework for how priorities are set and how the City achieves its goals.

Official Community Plan Redesign

City Council unanimously approved a new OCP for Saskatoon in June 2020, followed by provincial approval in August 2020. The newly redesigned OCP consolidates and entrenches the direction provided in over fifty civic plans and policies that City Council has approved over the last several years including:  

 Saskatoon Speaks
 Plan for Growth
 Strategic Plan
 City Centre Plan
 Culture Plan
 Recreation and Parks Master Plan
 Active Transportation Plan
 Green Infrastructure Strategy
 Heritage Plan 
 Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth 

All of these initiatives included extensive public consultation, as illustrated in the 'By the Numbers' Infographic:

OCP Infographic

Committee & Council Reports


Official Community Plan Video

Official Community Plan