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Employment Areas

employment areas

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Employment areas contribute significantly to the fabric of Saskatoon. They are vital to the City’s economy, providing opportunities for the production, distribution and trade of goods and services. They are also places where residents spend large portions of time, traveling to and from work, daily. 

The relationship between where people live and work can have significant impacts on land use and transportation patterns and can greatly influence the number of automobile, pedestrian, cycling, and transit trips. Locating employment areas closer to where people live and considering their design and accessibility to all modes of transportation can have positive impacts on our civic infrastructure and the quality of life of Saskatoon residents.

The Employment Areas Study includes a number of policy recommendations centered on achieving employment areas that are:

  • Well-designed;
  • Located closer to where people live;
  • Accessible by all transportation modes (cycling, walking, transit, automobile); while
  • Retaining a strong City Centre that is the focal point of commerce in the City and region.
What has been completed so far?

The Employment Areas Study was approved by City Council at their April 25, 2016 meeting. 

What are we doing?

Implementation of the policy recommendations outlined in the Study will begin in 2017.

What can you do?

Stay tuned to hear about future engagement opportunities related to the Employment Areas Study.