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Financing Growth


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In recent years, Saskatoon has experienced substantial growth, a pattern that is forecast to continue into the future. Growth provides many benefits but the service requirements that come with growth such as new roads, a supply of serviced land and new community facilities are substantial. The City plays the key role in addressing these requirements which have both operational and financial implications. As part of the City’s strategic planning work, a study of the funding and financing aspects of growth was undertaken to better understand these implications.

The Financing Growth Study was commissioned in 2014 to better understand:

  • the financial impact of growth;
  • the costs of infrastructure and civic services to support population growth;
  • the costs and benefits of different types of growth; and,
  • the impact of growth on property taxes.

The general question that the report was trying to answer was: "Does population growth pay for necessary capital expenditures and operational services required to support growth?” 

What has been completed so far?

The Financing Growth Study by Hemson Consulting Ltd. was presented to the former Executive Committee on April 20, 2015. The final report is available below, along with the Administration's report to Executive Committee. 

The Growth Plan also explored options to address the costs of the new infrastructure required to meet the needs of growth. 

What are we doing?

City Administration is currently developing a ten-year action plan (2017-2026) to guide implementation of the Growth Plan.

Part of that action plan will include methods to address the costs of new infrastructure requirements that support growth. The Administration will also be reporting back on the issues raised by the Hemson report. 

What can you do?

Stay tuned to hear about future engagement opportunities related to Financing Growth.