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Neighbourhood Concept Plans

What is a Neighbourhood Concept Plan?

A Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) is a neighborhood-level land use plan that guides the development of a new neighbourhood in Saskatoon. It outlines the land uses, densities, transportation network, parks system, and community facilities intended for a neighbourhood as it grows.

A NCP is proposed by a developer when they wish to develop land into a new neighbourhood. A NCP includes detailed studies on an area's topography, natural areas and heritage resources, provision of water and sewer services, traffic studies, population projections, proposed transit routes, active transportation networks, and much more.

The location and general configuration of a new neighbourhood is directed by the Sector Plan for a given area of the city. A Sector Plan is a broad, long-range framework for the development of a future growth area of the city that is intended to consist of several neighbourhoods, as well as employment areas, with an eventual population of approximately 70,000 people. 

How is a NCP approved and implemented? 

A NCP is reviewed by City Administration and other relevant agencies to ensure that all relevant standards, policies, bylaws and requirements are met. The review process includes community engagement with neighbouring residents, affected landowners and community groups in order to obtain feedback that shapes the final plan. A NCP must be approved by a resolution of City Council following its review process.

Once a NCP is approved, it is implemented over many years as land is subdivided, zoning is applied, roads and services are installed, parks are constructed, and residences and businesses in the new neighbourhood are established.

Can a NCP change over time?

As a new neighbourhood is built out, circumstances often necessitate amendments to a NCP. Proposed amendments are vetted through a review and community engagement process prior to being considered by City Council for a decision.

Current Neighbourhood Concept Plans

Here are the approved land use plans of new neighbourhoods that are currently in development in Saskatoon:

 Aspen Ridge
 Hampton Village
 Hampton Village Business Park 

River Landing Concept Plan

The River Landing Concept Plan can be found below.

 River Landing