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Plan for Growth

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Saskatoon's Plan for Growth charts a course for growth and revitalization that balances and promotes quality of life, sustainability and economic development.  

Our Plan for Growth touches many aspects of everyday life in Saskatoon, from the creation of more compact and vibrant communities, to the development of business districts, parks and facilities and the delivery of services like transit, roadways and civic utilities.

These plans start with a re-envisioned transit system based around Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and infill at strategic locations in the city including downtown, the University of Saskatchewan endowment lands and along major transportation corridors.

Transit Plan (includes Bus Rapid Transit / Transit System Plan Implementation)

Saskatoon needs a variety of transportation options in order to meet the needs of a city of 500,000.  The Transit Plan charts a course to get Saskatoon’s transit system ready for this growth by making transit an attractive option for current and future residents. The plan includes the introduction of a Bus Rapid Transit system, and identifies changes needed to the current system to support high-frequency, direct service along the city’s major corridors. In turn, this will support transit-oriented development that will make efficient use of existing infrastructure.

Corridor Planning (includes Brownfield Renewal and Transit Villages)

In the past, our major transportation corridors (such as 8th Street and 22nd Street) have served mainly to move cars, trucks and other traffic. However, as Saskatoon grows, it is becoming increasingly important to look at these corridors as more than just roads and discover how they can fit holistically into a vibrant future city. As part of Saskatoon’s Plan for Growth, these corridors will be re-imagined. They will serve as connections between neighbourhoods and to the broader city, provide safe and convenient access to our Bus Rapid Transit system, and offer housing choices and employment to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. To create this shift, the City of Saskatoon is re-thinking how corridors are planned for the long term, including how the land is used, how public space is designed and how buildings are built.

The Active Transportation Network

The Active Transportation Plan helps provide more choices for moving around Saskatoon by addressing our community and infrastructure needs for cycling, walking and other modes of active transportation. 


Funding for many of the Plan for Growth projects is provided through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) from the Government of Canada and the City of Saskatoon.  The Government of Saskatchewan administers federal PTIF funding in the province.  Learn more about which projects are receiving funding.

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