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Saskatoon Bus

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Public transit is a major focus of the Growth Plan, given the important role it plays in supporting and shaping growth. Residents have expressed a desire for a more accessible, efficient transit system with an attractive customer experience. While people will still use cars, an efficient transit system with rapid transit will help to alleviate and even bypass congestion, ensuring people can move around the city quickly and easily. Attractive transit will also reinforce opportunities for sustainable growth along major corridors.

The Growth Plan included recommendations for Transit such as enhancements to the way existing services are provided, increases to the amount and types of services available, and implementation of rapid transit over the next 30 years.

What has been completed so far?

As we work toward the development of the Growth Plan, Saskatoon Transit reviewed its 2015 deployment and identified an opportunity to change the way service was provided to transit riders along the 8th street corridor, which is part of the future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

On July 1, 2016 Saskatoon Transit used current resources to achieve high frequency service along 8th street during peak periods. The implementation of high frequency service along this major corridor is the first step toward BRT in Saskatoon.

As part of the Growth Plan, Saskatoon Transit planners are looking at implementing additional high frequency service along high demand corridors over the next three years.

What are we doing?

City Administration is developing a ten-year action plan (2017-2026) to guide implementation of the Growth Plan. In addition, the City of Saskatoon submitted an application to the Federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund in 2016 and received approval on the application. The City is moving forward with additional planning and design work related to bus rapid transit.

What can you do?

Stay tuned to hear about future engagement opportunities related to Transit.