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Shaping Saskatoon's Financial Future

Finacial Future

The 2018 Preliminary Corporate Business Plan & Budget will be presented to City Council Monday, October 16, 2017; the 2018 Budget deliberation will take place November 27, 28 & 29, 2017.

View the Preliminary 2018 Budget at a Glance

View the City Manager's 2018 Preliminary Corporate Business Plan and Budget Presentation, October 16, 2017

This year our approach to planning the 2018 Corporate Business Plan and Budget continues to be balanced and accountable.

For 2017/18, the City will continue to be committed to community engagement by encouraging residents to be part of the annual budget planning process.
The 2017 Citizen Budget closed June 25, 2017. We thank those who participated and told us about their service level preferences for the 2018 Budget, and priorities for the City’s future investment plans.

Public feedback gathered through the 2018 Citizen Budget will be reviewed by City Council and Administration prior to the deliberation of the Preliminary 2018 Corporate Business Plan & Budget deliberations in November.

Find supporting 2018 Corporate Business Plan & Budget Process  - Administrative Reports, Frequently Asked Questions and Related Documents in the accordions below:

Service Level Reports

A series of service level reports will be presented to the appropriate Standing Policy Committees leading up to the 2018 Corporate Business Plan & Budget discussion which will provide the opportunity to both increase or decrease associated service levels and costs.

This process will allow for the Standing Policy Committees and City Council to clearly identify agreed upon service levels that the Administration can deliver and communicate to citizens.

These reports form a fundamental piece of the City’s future Multi-Year Business Plan and Budgeting process, as these will be built on the basis of approved service levels.

Service level reports will be presented on the following services leading up to the 2018 budget deliberations: the reports will be individually posted here with their accompanying attachments as they are brought forward:

Park Maintenance & Design Service Level

Water Utility Service Level

Fire Services Service Level

Waste Handling Service Level


Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the City's annual budget planning process, we encourage you to view our Shaping our Financial Future  budget video series:

 How Your City Budget Works (April 2015)
 How Municipal Tax Differs from Federal & Provincial Tax (July 2015)

 What Contributes to Property Tax Increases  (July 2015)
 Understanding Residential Property Tax Assessment (December 2016)

Archive - 2017 Business Plan and Budget Process

Here are last year's FINAL validated 2016 Citizen Budget results October 19 to November 13.

Archived 2016 Participation Results

Here’s an overview of our Citizen Budget participation results October 19 to October 30.

Here’s an overview of our Citizen Budget participation results October 19 to November 6.

Here’s an overview of our Citizen Budget participation results October 19 to November 13.

Here’s an overview of our Citizen Comments October 19 to November 13.


Archives: 2016 Business Plan and Budget: Balanced & Accountable

This past summer we opened the doors of City Hall and asked you for your views on City projects and spending plans. City Council and Administration will then consider the priorities and preferences, and what matters most to residents. To do this, we are taking a five-phase approach from March until December. We will include new elements such as Performance Measures and we'll create new public engagement opportunities – so you can get involved.

City Council and Administration consider several factors when building the City’s annual budget including our growing population, inflation, capital investments, Council four-priorities and ten-year priorities, performance measures, and public input.

One method used to gather public input is the City of Saskatoon’s Annual Civic Services Survey. View the latest copy of the 2015 Annual Civic Services Survey.

In June, the City offered a number of opportunities to encourage citizens to provide input on the 2016 Budget through interactive displays at the City Hall Open House, Farmer’s Market, Frances Morrison Library, and Saskatoon Field House. The June Public Engagement Results are now available.

There are a number of Administrative Reports that will be presented to Executive Committee related to the 2016 Business Plan & Budget Process. There are also additional documents related to the 2016 Budget Planning Process found below:

December 2015 <