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Overall Satisfaction with Civic Services of 90% or more

 “Overall satisfaction with civic services of 90% or more” will contribute to achieving our strategic goal of Continuous Improvement.  The City of Saskatoon Annual Civic Services Survey asks, "Generally speaking, how satisfied are you with the overall level of services provided by the City of Saskatoon?"  

How are we doing?

In 2017, 88% of 500 telephone respondents and 83% of 803 online respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the level of civic services.  

Data Table
Percentage of Residents who are Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Civic Services
  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 ...2023
Online Survey (%) 83 82 78 73 79 77 83 83  
Phone Survey (%) 92 88 87 83 86 85 88 88  

How are other cities doing?

2016 Percentage of Residents who are Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Civic Services 

83% 82% 80% 85%


What do we need to do to achieve this target?
  • Define service levels and the funding needed for service level options.  City Council will approve the level of service to be provided.
  • Allocate resources to civic services based on approved service levels.
  • Implement Service Saskatoon to track contacts from citizens and provide timely and appropriate responses.       

What are the benefits of achieving the target?
  • Approved levels of service will provide more clarity around the services that citizens can expect to receive.
  • Resources will be focused on achieving approved service levels in areas of importance to citizens.

What are the risks?
  • Unexpected events such as extreme weather may impact the allocation of City resources.
  • Changes in growth could impact anticipated revenues needed to fund services to meet citizen expectations. 


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