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A Runner at River Landing

We have a strong community spirit, and there is a mix of facilities, amenities, and opportunities for citizens to come together, pursue their interests and enjoy our city’s built, natural, and cultural heritage.

Perceived Quality of Life

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Number of New Attainable Housing Units

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Vacancy Rates for Rental Housing

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Participation Rates for City Recreation and Cultural Facilities

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Crime Rates

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Fire Response Time

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Challenges and Key Strategies


 Strategies for Success
  • Implement the anti-racism education strategy and communication plan; including implementation of the “I am the Bridge” communications strategy and inclusion of anti-racism training and leadership competencies for civic staff.
  • Facilitate the development and enhancement of neighbourhood recreation and park infrastructure; including playground replacements, park enhancements, community gardens and outdoor rink upgrades.
  • Development and ongoing implementation of landscape design, development and maintenance strategies associated with reducing environmental impacts of parks maintenance operations (potable water, greenhouse gas contributions).

  • 1,200 trees planted through park and reforestation projects.
  • 30 paddling pools, 17 spray pads, 11 youth centres, and 2 travelling program vans were programed and supported by the City.
  • 3 golf courses maintained and enhanced with more than 110,000 rounds of golf played.

  • Perceived quality of life in Saskatoon decreased slightly in 2014.
  • Although participation rates at the City’s recreation and culture facilities increased in 2014, the increase in participation did not increase at the same rate as percentage population growth.
  • Visits to the Mendel Art Gallery decreased by 5,800 (3.4%) in 2014.
  • After roads and infrastructure, citizens identify “crime and policing” as the next most important issue facing Saskatoon.  Rising gang activity is a top concern.
  • Saskatoon’s per capita crime rates were higher than in other major Western Canadian cities in 2013.  A marginalized population and the City’s rapid population growth contribute to crime challenges.