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Participation Rates for City Recreation and Cultural Facilities


“Increase visits to City of Saskatoon recreation and culture facilities to 6,600 visits for every 1,000 residents” measures our success in growing and maintaining participation in City-owned and managed recreation and culture facilities and programs.

Participation = Number of visits to city managed recreation and culture facilities / (Population of Saskatoon/ 1,000)

How are we doing?

Overall participation in city recreation programming and at cultural facilities decreased slightly in 2017 to approximately 1.8 million people. The decline is largely related to the closure of the Holiday Park Golf Course's Executive Nine for the completion of a $1.5M capital improvement project during the 2017 season. 

Data Table
Participation at City of Saskatoon Cultural and Recreation Facilities
  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 ...2023
Total Admissions at City Funded Cultural and Recreational Facilities (in 000s) 1444 1573 1608 1654 1587 1599 1744 1846 1806 2000
Admissions at City Funded Cultural and Recreational Facilities per 1000 Population 6601 7013 6867 6919 6383 6216 6634 6959 6667  
Target                 6600 6600


The target measures our success in growing and maintaining participation in City-owned and managed recreation and culture facilities and programs which contribute to quality of life of residents.  The measure includes number of visits to leisure centres (including registered programs), the Forestry Farm Park and Zoo, outdoor pools, municipal golf courses, playground programs, youth programs, youth centres, PotashCorp Playland, Mendel Art Gallery, and Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan. 

While the City also provides financial and staff support to community-based organizations that offer a variety of sports, culture and recreation activities, attendance at third party facilities, events and programs are not included in the target.

Attendance at City of Saskatoon Recreation Facilities 

Admissions and Attendance




Indoor Leisure Centres 771,393 798,443 915,761
Forestry Farm Park & Zoo 142,253 285,162 232,810
Playground Programs 127,259 130,000 120,685
Outdoor Pools 86,061 97,327 78,753
Municipal Golf Courses 115,086 121,196 110,687*
Youth Centres, Youth Events & Youth Programs 12,300 7,425 14,190
Registered Programs (Average 8 visits per registration) 181,872 131,021 140,412
PotashCorp Playland n/a 112,518 232,810
Mendel Art Gallery 163,181 60,867 0**
Total Admissions 1,599,405 1,743,959 1,846,108

* Decline in attendance to the Forestry Farm Park & Zoo for 2016 is the result of a new attendance tracking process that has a higher level of accuracy. 

** The decline in use of municipal golf courses for 2016 is likely related to the renewal process that closed nine holes for most of the season at Holiday Park.

*** Zero attendance for this item is related to the transition from the Mendel Art Gallery to the Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan.

What do we need to do to achieve this target?
  • New recreation programs and art exhibits to respond to changing demands, attract new users and continue to attract repeat visits
  • New fee options to stay competitive
  • Effective new marketing and promotions to increase awareness and attendance at facilities and programs
  • Facility upgrades, enhancements or new facilities (including the new Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan) to address aging infrastructure, reflect changing trends, respond to the growing population, and attract new users

What are the benefits of achieving the target?
  • Saskatoon residents, regardless of their income, will have access to leisure activities in their neighbourhood. 
  • Participation in sports and recreation improves health and fitness.  Healthier people are more productive and have a higher quality of life. 
  • Recreation programs provide Saskatoon with a competitive edge in being a city of choice when families are considering Saskatoon as a place to live, work, or vacation.
  • Youth participation in recreation activities can help to reduce crime and mischief and the related costs to society.

What are the risks?
  • Private fitness facilities and community organization programs that are conveniently located and meet specific interests may reduce attendance at City recreation facilities.
  • Adverse weather has an impact on visits to golf courses, outdoor pools and playground programs.
  • Social, cultural and demographic changes influence how people spend their leisure time.


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