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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

On March 19, 2020, the City decided to close public access to City Hall and all City buildings, including fire stations, leisure facilities, attractions and Saskatoon Public Library locations. While we are closed to the public, our business operations continue to ensure core services for our residents as much as possible. Public transit currently remains operational.

Information for Candidates

Becoming an elected official

Becoming a member of council or a school board trustee is a challenging and rewarding experience. As an elected official, you will have the opportunity to influence the future of your community. You will be expected to represent the local community and act on its behalf.

As a member of council or the school board, there will be demands on your time, energy, and commitment. In addition to regular meetings, will you be required to attend special meetings, committee and board meetings, and various public meetings and functions. If elected as a member of council or a school board trustee, you will be expected to serve a 4-year term. Your term of office begins at the first meeting of the council or board following the general election and continues until the first meeting of the council or board following the next general election.

The Elections Bylaw (8191)
The Campaign Disclosure and Spending Limits Bylaw (8491)
The Temporary Sign Bylaw (7491)
The Zoning Bylaw (8770)
The Poster Bylaw (7565)
 City of Saskatoon Election Sign Guide, 2019

Legislative Resources:

The Local Government Election Act, 2015
The Cities Act
The Planning and Development Act
The Saskatchewan Employment Act