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Shaping Saskatoon

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The City of Saskatoon is always looking for feedback from our citizens in an effort to be the best managed city in Canada.  Community dialogue is an essential element of good governance.  We value civic engagement and participatory governance on issues that impact you.  

Checking out our events calendar for opportunities to participate in new conversations or visit Shaping Saskatoon to engage online!

Ways You Can Get Involved in Shaping Saskatoon

  • Online: Shaping Saskatoon is the City’s online community engagement tool that allows you to take part in online discussions, forums or surveys from your home computer or any mobile device, at a time and place that is most convenient for you.
  • Open houses/Public meetings: These are held throughout the year on various topics and give you the opportunity to learn about a civic project/service and give your comments. For updated information visit our Events Calendar.
  • Surveys: The City conducts its annual civic services survey in the spring to gauge how you rate the importance of services and our delivery of them. Other surveys may ask your opinion on different topics as well.
  • Focus groups: You and other citizens may be asked to sit in on a focus group to explore your opinions on a civic program/service.

What is a Community Engagement Process?

Community engagement is used when the Administration or City Council wants to gather comments or input, or inform the public on specific initiatives, projects, new bylaws, bylaw amendments or other civic responsibilities.

  • The process begins with deciding when to engage the public,
  • Then moves through the steps of planning and implementing the Shaping Saskatoon engagement activities,
  • And then the results are reported back to the community.

When the Community Engagement Process is Used

The engagement process is most often used during early design stages and/or prior to final recommendations, approval or endorsement. Examples include: 

  • Land use issues such as amendments to the Development Plan or Zoning Bylaw, discretionary use  proposals or park design;
  • Social issues such as affordable housing priorities and social policies; 
  • Safety issues such as traffic, crime; 
  • Recreation issues such as parks programming; 
  • Local Area Plan (LAP) creation and implementation; 
  • Traffic Circulation issues such as road closures, bridge plans, pedestrian linkages, and bicycle facility networks;
  • Utility services such as transit service plans, expansion of water treatment plant and garbage pick up.

Your Role in Shaping Saskatoon

Take an active role in your community by seeking out information and becoming informed. 

  • Read the City Page every Saturday in the Star Phoenix or look in the Sunday Phoenix; 
  • Sign-up for electronic civic news releases and public service announcements; 
  • Read the Guide to City Planning and Development in Saskatoon
  • Keep abreast of civic issues in the news media; 
  • Read your Community Association newsletter; 
  • Participate in civic training workshops when they are offered; 
  • Consider the needs within your community both today and in the future.

When You Are Representing Others

  • consult the people you represent; 
  • clearly state who you represent; 
  • present the views of the group.

You can also take a more active role in your neighbourhood by sitting on your local Community Association, joining a standing committee of City Council, or even running for City Council yourself.