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South Saskatchewan River Watershed - Source Water Protection Plan

The City of Saskatoon is actively involved in protecting our water source through its involvement and support for the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards (SSRWSI or SSR Watershed Stewards). The SSR Watershed Stewards is a community based nonprofit corporation that was formed to implement the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Source Water Protection Plan. The plan identifies recommendations and key actions to help ensure our source water from the South Saskatchewan River watershed is protected.  Work on this plan was completed in September 2007.

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Source Water Protection Plan 

Development of the City's own watershed protection plan is also underway.  This plan will identify core strategies to minimize the City's effects on the South Saskatchewan River watershed. 

What is a watershed?

A watershed is a region that drains into a specific body of water such as a river, pond, lake or ocean. It includes all the land, air, plants, and animals within its boundaries. Saskatoon is part of the South Saskatchewan River Watershed.

What is Source Water Protection?

Source water is untreated water used for a specific purpose - for drinking, recreation or irrigation. Source water can be lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, or groundwater. Source water protection is the prevention of pollution, and sound management of factors and activities that could threaten the quality and quantity of source water.