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Bylaw 9698 - Saskatoon Property Tax Bylaw, 2020

This bylaw was last updated on April 27, 2020

The purpose of this Bylaw is to:  (a) authorize Council to impose a tax on all taxable assessments in the City at a uniform rate considered sufficient to raise the amount of taxes required to meet the estimated expenditures and transfers, having regard to estimated revenues from other sources, set out in the budget of the City for 2020; (b) authorize Council to impose the library mill rate on all taxable assessments in the City for 2020; (c) establish classes and sub-classes of property for the purposes of establishing tax rates; and (d) set mill rate factors that, when multiplied by the uniform rates described in clauses 253(2)(a) and (b) of The Cities Act, establish a tax rate for each class or sub-class of property in Saskatoon for the 2020 taxation year.

Bylaw Document

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