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Corman Park - Saskatoon Planning District

With receipt of ministerial approval, the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) Planning District was formally established as of January 1, 2022.  The P4G Planning District replaces the Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District.

The Corman Park - Saskatoon Planning District (Planning District) was first established in 1956.  The Planning District is an area inside the Rural Municipality (RM) of Corman Park directly adjacent to and surrounding the City of Saskatoon where the RM of Corman Park and the City of Saskatoon have a joint interest in managing land use and development.

More information regarding the Corman Park - Saskatoon Planning District can be found here.

District Planning Commission

The Planning District comprises of a District Planning Commission (DPC).  The role of DPC is to meet on a monthly basis, or as needed basis, and make recommendations to the RM of Corman Park Council on discretionary use, rezoning and subdivision application within the Planning District.  The DPC also reviews and discusses current planning issues affecting the Planning District, as well as reviewes the District OCP and Zoning Bylaw and advises the RM of Corman Park Council and City of Saskatoon Council on any suggested textual amendments.

District Planning Commission meeting agendas and minutes are available here.


The Corman Park - Saskatoon Planning District Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw

The R.M. and the City jointly adopted the first District Official Community Plan, which contains land use policies to guide growth and development, in 1983.  The most recent District Official Community Plan was adopted in 2010 (view existing District Official Community Plan and District Zoning Bylaw) and is governed by the provincial Planning and Development Act, 2007.

The District Official Community Plan states general land use policies that guide growth and development in the Planning District. For example, the policies ensure that development in the City's Future Growth Sectors is compatible with future urban development.  The Official Community Plan contains projected Future Land Use information.

The R.M. has adopted a Planning District Zoning Bylaw.  The Planning District Zoning Bylaw controls the use and development of land in the Planning District and assists in implementing the policies of the Planning District Official Community Plan.

The R.M. has an Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw for the land outside the Planning District.  Where possible, these bylaws are compatible with the Planning District bylaws.