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Demolition Waste

Every year it is estimated that one third of the waste generated in Saskatoon is construction and demolition waste. The City of Saskatoon will be taking a more active roll in ensuring that this waste is being properly disposed. Permit applicants will be asked to provide an estimate of the amount and disposal location of waste material being generated from both demolition and construction projects. All waste material must be designated as going to a provincially approved disposal site. These records will be shared with the RM of Corman Park and Saskatchewan Environment to assist in their cooperative efforts with the City of Saskatoon to reduce illegal dumping in and around Saskatoon.

The City will also be requiring that applicants estimate the amount of material to be recycled from projects. The City wishes to encourage the reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste wherever possible. 

Declaration of Intent

Effective July 2, 2004, it is mandatory for applicants to complete the Declaration of Intent form, regarding the handling and disposal of demolition waste material. This form must be completed for all residential and commercial demolitions, regardless of size or value of the demolition project. The Declaration of Intent form must be completed by the applicant and submitted with any new demolition permit application.

For More Information

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the City of Saskatoon - Public Works, Landfill Section at 975-2486. Also, further information may be found by going to the Sask Environment website.