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Information for Voters

Municipal elections and school board trustee elections occur every four years, or at any time (through a by-election) should a vacancy on City Council or on one of the school boards occur.

Why vote in the municipal election?

Voting in all elections is a responsibility of all eligible Canadian citizens.

Decisions made by municipal governments have a greater effect on residents’ lives than those made at the federal or provincial level. Municipal policies also tend to have a larger impact on citizens’ quality of life and well-being. Yet typically, voter turnout in municipal elections tends to be lower than for other levels of government. However, voter turnout in Saskatoon has continued to increase every four years. (Saskatoon Civic Election Turnout for years 2009: 27.3%, 2012: 36.9%, 2016: 40.1%)

Your municipal government in Saskatoon is responsible for core civic services we all rely on and value every day, services like libraries, parks, our community water systems, transit services, local police and fire protection, roadway maintenance,  snow management, environmental health, garbage removal, recreation and cultural facilities, parking and much more. Levels of Government & the Services They Provide 

Saskatoon's municipal election on November 9 will be held to elect a mayor and 10 councillors, one for each of the city’s 10 wards. The City of Saskatoon  will also conduct elections for both the Saskatoon Public Schools and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools in order to elect their respective school board trustees.

Your vote is your opportunity.  Your vote will impact your community.

Your City. Your Choice. Your Vote on November 9