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Information for Voters

Saskatoon voters, you will be asked to fill in a Voter Registration Form upon your arrival at any voting location.

To save time at the polls, we encourage voters to fill out a Voter Registration Form before you arrive to vote. Download form here. The Voter Registration Form will also be made available in the 2020 Voter's Guide sent to residents in mid-October, prior to early voting days (October 30-November 5).

The Saskatoon Civic Election does not use a voter's list so there is no voter card sent out prior to voters. This process is used in the provincial election.

Looking for ways you can vote in Saskatoon's upcoming Civic Election?

Voting is easy for the 2020 Civic Election, here's how: view video

New to voting or wanting a refresher on the voting process for Saskatoon's upcoming Civic Election?

Here's what you can expect when voting in the 2020 Civic Election: view video

Why vote in Saskatoon’s 2020 Civic Election?

Decisions made by municipal governments have a greater effect on residents’ lives than those made at the federal or provincial level. Municipal policies tend to have a larger impact on citizens’ quality of life and well-being. Municipal government provides the civic services we all rely on every day and value, impacting your community today and in the future.

Yet, voter turnout in municipal elections tends to be lower than other levels of government. Voter turnout in Saskatoon, however, has continued to increase every four years.

Historical voter turnout: Saskatoon Civic Elections

Election Year Voter Turnout
2009 27.3%
2012 36.9%
2016 40.1%

Think about the next four years. Mayor. City Councillors. Public School Board Trustees. Catholic School Board Trustees.

If you care about transit, local fire & police protection, well-maintained roads, property taxes, garbage/recycling collection, environmental progress at the city level, community water systems, land development, parking, or recreational & cultural facilities in Saskatoon, make the choice to vote in Saskatoon's civic election on November 9, 2020.  Levels of Government - Summary of Services. 

Voting is your opportunity to turn your opinion - into action.

Municipal elections and school board trustee elections occur every four years, or at any time (through a by-election) should a vacancy on City Council or on one of the school boards occur.  Voting in all elections is a responsibility of all eligible Canadian citizens. Here's the information you need as an eligible voter:

Saskatoon's 2020 Civic Election. It’s your City. Your Choice. Your Vote.