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HELP Application Resources and Forms

HELP Applications

Ready to apply for HELP? Once you’ve read the HELP Program Guide and reviewed the eligibility criteria you can begin the application process. 

The roadmap below can help guide you through the program process. 

HELP process

Program Process

  1. Initial Application
    • Complete the Initial Online Application. We will review your application, and you will receive an email confirmation that your initial application has been approved. Please note that all applications are currently being added to the waitlist.
  2. Energy Audit, Funding Request and Agreement Signing
    • After your initial application is approved:
      1. Schedule an pre-EnerGuide home energy evaluation with one of the energy advisors registered with Natural Resources Canada. Remember to let your advisor know that you will be participating in HELP.
      2. Review eligible HELP rebates.
      3. Collect contractor quotes, and specifications for the project(s) you wish to complete as recommended by the energy audit. Make sure your desired project(s) are eligible for HELP, and that they meet the minimum Energy Star and Water Sense specifications.  Check out this factsheet for tips on choosing a contractor.  
        • It is your responsibility to determine if you need a building permit. Consult your chosen contractor or review the Building & Development Permits webpage for more information. Final payments will not be made by the City unless the appropriate permits have been opened and closed.
      4. Prepare your Planned Project Details PDF. If you plan to pay a deposit to your contractor(s), please include details on the PDF. Complete the online Funding Request Form, and attach the following:
        • Your completed Planned Project Details form;
        • Quotes and product specifications provided by your chosen contractor;
        • All pre-EnerGuide audit documents:
          • Pre-retrofit EnerGuide Label (LBL);
          • Renovation Upgrade Report (RUR);
          • Homeowner Information Sheet (HOIS;)
          • Receipt of payment for the EnerGuide audit if you plan to include it in your loan amount.
        • If you are applying as a low-income household, as proof of income qualification, please submit your Notice of Assessment (NOA). We will accept your NOA from either 2019, 2020 or 2021 (whichever year is the lowest income).
          • Note that all upfront deposits paid to contractors are the responsibility of the homeowner.
          • Also note that participants who have not submitted any supporting documentation or responded to correspondence from the Program Coordinator within 90 days of the Initial Application being approved may have their Enrollment in the Program terminated or their Application be cancelled.
      5. ​​After reviewing and approving your funding request, the City will send you a HELP Deferral Agreement for you to review and sign. This agreement must be signed by both the City and the participant before any work begins. Deposits paid prior to the Deferral Agreement being signed will not be eligible for reimbursement. 
  3. Installment Request (optional)
    • If your estimated total project cost is over $20,000 and your project includes multiple home upgrades done by a contractor, your project could be eligible for an installment payment.   
    • To request an installment payment, collect the final invoices for completed work and complete the Installment Request Form. 
  4. Project Completion
    • Work with your contractor to complete your HELP retrofits. Once all the work is complete: 
      1. Prepare your Final Project Details PDF form. Invoice or DIY receipt details, final product specifications, permit number, and a request for HELP rebates must be included on your Final Project Details PDF. You will need to provide this form to your energy auditor for signature.  
      2. Schedule your post-EnerGuide home energy evaluation with the energy advisor that completed your pre-EnerGuide evaluation.
      3. Complete the Project Completion Form online and attach your final EnerGuide results, your Final Project Details PDF and all contractor invoices or receipts for materials. 
      4. After reviewing these forms, the City will pay either the contractor directly or the participant (for DIY work, upfront deposits, and EnerGuide audit costs). 
  5. Loan repayment
    • Once your project is complete, and all of the Deferral Agreement requirements have been met, the City will provide you with details of your total loan and repayment schedule, and attach this to your HELP Deferral Agreement. You can expect to receive this schedule up to 5 business days after your final project documents are received.  
    • Repayment of your loan will occur the same way you pay property taxes, either annually or monthly through Tax Installment Payment Plan Service (TIPPS).  
    • You can repay the full amount of your HELP loan early, with no penalties. 

Please note, new applications for the HELP program will be prioritized over repeat applications. HELP loans can only be secured one time per property.