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Corporate Alternative Energy Projects

  Status: Improving

Much of the energy used by the City of Saskatoon in its facilities and operations generate greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Developing alternative energy projects can reduce these negative environmental impacts, save money over the long term, and demonstrate leadership in our community.

Where are we now?

There are currently six completed projects that are using or generating ‘greener’ energy and offsetting fossil fuel use

Corporate Alternative Energy Projects
Year # of Projects Annual GHG Savings (tonnes CO2e)
2009 1 6
2011 3 106
2014 4 45,106
2015 6 51,557

Source: City of Saskatoon - Sustainability Division

What are we doing?

Greenhouse Gas Business Plan

The City of Saskatoon is developing a plan to reduce GHG emissions in city operations and facilities as well as in the broader community. The plan will include additional projects to reduce GHG emissions.

Solar PV Demonstration Site

Saskatoon Light & Power is partnering with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Solar Co-operative – the first power generation co-operative in the province – and Saskatchewan Polytechnic to create a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) demonstration site.

Proposed Hydropower Generation at the Weir

Saskatoon Light & Power is exploring the viability of hydropower generation at the Saskatoon Weir that could generate power for up to 4,800 homes.

What can you do?

Consider alternative energy for your home or business. For example, solar energy systems generate clean, reliable power using FREE fuel (i.e., the Sun) – without producing pollution or CO2 emissions.

Did You Know?

One-half of Saskatoon's Ecological Footprint is from the consumption of good and services (27%) and government services (23%).