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Pavement Markings

Road marking or road painting includes all lane lines, edge lines, centre lines, crosswalks, chevrons and sharrows.  

In 2014, the City began to expand the use of durable markings. Durable markings are more visible and last longer than regular road paint. When major roadways and high-speed freeways are built or rehabilitated, durable markings will be applied by a contractor.  In 2016, 17 lane kilometres of durable markings were applied. In 2017, 8.84 lane kilometers of durable markings were applied as well as 44 durable crosswalks were installed.

When does line marking take place?

Work begins in the spring once the roads are dry and nighttime temperatures consistently reach above 5°C. In addition, roadways must be swept prior to work so paint can adhere properly. The painting season ends in early October, weather permitting. 

Crews work five days a week, Monday to Friday, for a 10-hour shift (barring any maintenance/repair issues). When it rains, equipment is shut down until the roads are dry. It's hard to determine specific dates for this kind of work because it is coordinated during or after other road work and is weather dependent. 

High-traffic areas, such as the downtown business district​ and major arterial roadways, are generally painted during the night to minimize disruption to traffic.  

Every year, we paint lines on approximately 230 streets and approximately 924.3 kilometres of lines per round of painting. 

Different markings may get painted more than once a year:

  • Lane lines, edge lines and centre lines are painted three times each year
  • Crosswalks are painted at least twice a year
  • Sharrows, chevrons and parking stall lines are painted once a year
  • Road markings are repainted if they have been removed due to paving, patching, etc.

What kinds of line markings are in the city?

Shared Cycling Lane Markings
Quantity painted per year: approximately 585
Frequency of painting: each sharrow is painted at least once per year  

Pedestrian Crosswalks  
Quantity painted per year: approximately 1030
Note: High traffic areas (downtown, Idylwyld Drive, etc.) are painted during the nighttime.  

White chevrons
Quantity painted per year: approximately 450
Location: located on the freeway (Circle Drive on and off ramps) which are painted during the day.  

Yellow chevrons  
Quantity painted per year: approximately 660
Location: downtown and other areas of the city where the speed is lower than 70km/h

Parking Stall Lines
Quantity per year: approximately 770
Location: primarily downtown as well as 20th Street and around Broadway Avenue