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Intersection Improvements

In 2015, City Council approved the way we evaluate intersections and approve their modification. Through this, the Intersection Improvement Project Selection Process has been created and prioritized key intersections that would benefit from improvements. 

This year, the intersection of Diefenbaker Drive and 22nd Street has been identified as a priority location recommended for construction in 2016. This intersection was prioritized according to the need to improve safety and traffic flow which will be done be adding/modifying lanes and improving pedestrian access. 

Diefenbaker Drive and 22nd Street has been identified as a roadway that will experience significant changes in traffic volume (with east and westbound traffic volumes expected to more than double) due to growth in the city.  The Growing Forward project has also identified 22nd Street as possible future bus rapid transit corridor.  Improvement to this intersection will improve traffic flow, safety and pedestrian access.  

Information on the project can be found below:

To stay up-to-date on road closures and construction please see the Road Restrictions and Construction Projects map and Daily Road Report

  • What is the start date for the project?  The scheduled project start date is August 29, 2016 for the Diefenbaker Drive intersection.  
  • How long is the project expected to take to complete? The project is expected take approximately 10 weeks and is scheduled to end the week of November 10, 2016.
  • What will happen if the work doesn't finish this year?  Should the project be delayed for any reason, phasing will ensure there will be no active construction zones during the winter.
  • How much will the project cost?
    • Diefenbaker Drive and 22nd Street is estimated to cost $950,000
  • How will drivers be impacted?  This project has incorporated phasing that makes every effort to ensure there will be minimal impact to motorists. 
  • Are there any opportunities at this time to do something about the concrete barriers around the Fairmont exit so that they are more visible? Although there are plans in place to improve the barriers, this is still in the budget/approval process so no work will be performed here during the Diefenbaker Drive and 22nd Street Intersection Improvement project.