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Water and Sewer Upgrades

Over the course of the 2018 construction season (approximately May-October), there was significant water & sewer improvement work happening around the city. This work included the preservation/rehabilitation of water mains (underground lines that carry water to individual properties). The large scope of this improvement work necessitated a longer construction schedule. As a result, there was active construction in the identified areas over an extended period of time.

These infrastructure upgrades bring numerous benefits:

  • Protection of a clean, clear water supply
  • Reduction in risk of contaminants
  • Decreased susceptibility to breakage or failures
  • Increased capacity to accommodate future neighbourhood development
  • Decreased risk of water service disruptions


City Park

The City Park Project will extend over the course of two construction seasons (2018 and 2019) in order to minimize the impact on neighbourhood residents. Conducting the work over two years will ensure not every street is under construction at the same time, thereby protecting some on-street parking as well as general accessibility. 

The 2018 City Park locations are now complete and temporary lines have been removed. Final test results are pending on the reconnected main lines.  For more information call 306-975-2476 or email

Forest Grove 

Work at the  Forest Grove Project is complete.  Forest Grove Watermain Rehabilitation Project included work in the following areas:

  • 115th Street from Boyd Street to Forest Drive
  • Forest Drive from 115th Street to 1511 Forest Drive