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Safe Driving

Drivers must always keep a watchful eye for pedestrians because sidewalks and pathways often intersect with streets.

 Rules and Guidelines for Speed Control
 Pedestrian Safety - Roads for All

Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks – Pedestrians may cross at corners, painted markings on the road and safety lights. Even if the pedestrian is coming from a street with a yield or stop sign, they still have the right of way. You must stop before the crosswalk and remain there until all pedestrians are safely across the road.

Pay attention to other motorists - If you are unsure why a vehicle has stopped, use caution, slow down and be prepared to stop in case the vehicle is stopped for a pedestrian. Never pass another vehicle when it is stopped for pedestrians. You will have little time to react if someone crosses into your lane and the consequences a collision can be tragic.

Leave room for other motorists to see a pedestrian -  If you pull right up to the intersection or crosswalk lines and stop for a pedestrian, your vehicle may obscure the view of other drivers who then may not realize someone is crossing. Wait until the pedestrian has completely cleared the adjacent lanes before proceeding. By waiting, you alert other drivers that there is someone crossing the street. Proceed once pedestrians make it to the median at the centre of the road or the sidewalk.

Be aware of left turns at multi-lane street intersection - When waiting to turn left at an intersection, be especially aware of pedestrians crossing the street you are turning onto. When you spot a gap in traffic, make sure nobody is in the crosswalk before you make your turn.

Take extra care in school zones and playgrounds - Young children sometimes don't pay attention to oncoming vehicles. Be on the lookout for crossing guards and always obey all pedestrian signs and lights. Anticipate someone crossing the street and slow down. Decreasing your speed by a few kilometres per hour will give you more time to stop. And don't forget to pay attention and slow down in designated school zones.

Watch out for jaywalkers - Although drivers have the right of way over jaywalkers, in the event of a collision no one wins.